Manifestation Definition

The reasons and characteristics of public demonstrations can vary greatly. Although in most cases these social marches have political-ideological objectives, many times they are simple demonstrations of the presence and concern of the people in the face of certain specific events (the death of some important character, some crime or some type of violence against helpless, etc). Thus, how does manifesting work with more global and comprehensive themes (which can reach hundreds of thousands of attendees, such is the case of a demonstration in favor of security in a certain locality after a horrendous crime occurred that caused stupor among the population) as well as specific and short-range demonstrations (which usually have much fewer people).

Violence and coercion in demonstrations

Another element to take into account when describing demonstrations as social phenomena is the presence of violence or coercive methods by the organizers on those present. This specific situation occurs mostly in those political demonstrations because the people summoned to participate by an organization or political group promises the attendees to pay an amount of money for them to attend. when to clean bed after starting ivermectin In the meantime and in case of not doing so, they will be punished with the elimination of some right they enjoy and of course they will not collect that promised money.

There are many examples that past, recent and current history leaves us of highly violent and dangerous demonstrations, because although the demonstration is a very worthy and very important popular expression within democratic life so that everyone who wishes to express what they need or celebrate for some conquest achieved, it is also a reality that there is an unholy use of this social practice and again it is politics that usually gives the note…

Infiltration by violent individuals or groups in a demonstration has been a common occurrence in recent times and has been intended to discredit any expression on the grounds that it threatens power or some interests.

Thus we have found that people who were demonstrating peacefully on some issue are attacked by groups that enter it, often with knives or firearms, to intimidate their participants and generate tension within and around them.

Places and elements

What does manifestation mean generally involve a relatively common methodology regardless of the type of claim being made? In this sense, the demonstrations are characterized by the leisurely advance, march-style, of their members on the sidewalk until they all converge at a neuralgic point that has been chosen because it has a symbolic meaning or is closely linked to the reason for the demonstration. . Thus, when a demonstration struggles in favor of security, people usually march to a police station, the courts of justice, or the government house, to demonstrate there.

And another issue widely used at the request of a demonstration is the posters and banners that have legends written alluding to the reason for which they are manifesting. ivermectin milk withdrawal time for goats If justice is claimed, they usually have that word written. Almost always it is about words or phrases loaded with a strong content per se.

Likewise, to attract attention, pyrotechnics or sound elements are often used, and the resource of different artistic expressions, etc.

And about the end, it is worth mentioning that the concept that concerns us is also used in our language to refer to the statement or communication that someone makes before an interlocutor, public, or audience about something.

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