More Carpet Cleaning Tips, Fewer Health Concerns

There is no doubt that it inhibits carpet dust and many indoor allergens such as dust mites, molds and fungi. Therefore, carpet is not popular in families with children, because parents fear that their children will inhale polluted air particles and cause respiratory diseases such as asthma. Although carpeting is a potential health hazard, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have it in your office or home. After all, it can beautify interior design with its colorful design and texture.

A clean carpet reduces allergies

A regularly cleaned and maintained rug or rug not only looks better, but it also smells better, and more importantly, a clean rug is considered healthier than a neglected one. Indeed, a well-maintained carpet contains less dust, fewer airborne dirt particles, and certainly fewer microorganisms that can cause allergic diseases.

So who said you shouldn’t have one at home or in the office?

There are hundreds of D-I-Y carpet cleaning kits, R Mat Cleaner, and carpet cleaning services on the market today. Although it is difficult to choose, choosing the right cleaning method/product to clean your carpet is very important to avoid damage after cleaning.

Here are some common problems when cleaning carpets:

It seems to get dirty quickly after cleaning.

After the carpet cleaning process, it smells like after drying.

It works during the carpet rengøring af kontor process.

Long waiting time as it takes hours or even days for the carpet to dry after cleaning.

Why dry clean rugs instead of wet clean?

The development of dry carpet cleaning technology, or more commonly known as ultra-low moisture carpet cleaning, was initiated to provide a different cleaning solution to existing wet carpet cleaning methods, promising to deliver more effective cleaning performance without the discomfort of extended periods. Drying time and possible damage to the carpet.

There are 2 processes when cleaning a dry carpet:

Dry Compound Carpet Cleaning

Biodegradable cleaners or wet micro-sponges are evenly distributed over the carpet and brushed into the carpets using machines with built-in counter-rotating brushes. These sponges absorb the dirt from the carpet and at the end of the process, the dirty compounds are removed or vacuumed by the machine.


The polymers in the cleaning product used in this process encapsulate or “crystallize” the dirt particles into dry residues which are removed at the end of the process.

All the technical jargon aside, for the average person, you can expect the following benefits from having your carpet cleaned by a well-run dry carpet cleaning service: A thoroughly cleaned carpet results in less re-soiling of the carpet, which is normally done by the machine using a counter-rotating brush to lift and remove embedded dirt particles from the pile of the carpet.

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