Necessity of Finding One of The Best Cataract Surgeons Near Me

Aging affects all organs of the human body. However, you would be anxious to find your vision reducing in quality gradually once you go past the age of 50. Sure, your ophthalmologist will fit you with reading glasses but you would be well advised to have your eyes examined thoroughly once you experience blurring of vision and are unable to lead a normal life due to problems with your visual acuity. You are likely to receive a diagnosis of cataract formation in your eyes. There is no treatment available at present to eliminate cataracts except going in for surgery. No worries! It is deemed to be a safe and highly effective procedure with most patients having no complaints afterward. It is always prudent to look for the best cataract surgeons near me so that the risks are minimized greatly.

Sure, the concerned surgeon will have a long discussion with you and explain the procedure in detail. It is perfectly normal for you to feel a trifle apprehensive especially when you are terrified of having a foreign object inserted deep within the eye. There is absolutely no reason to wonder whether you should go ahead with the surgery or simply continue living with impaired vision.

Reasons to consider cataract surgery

Well, you may not have to opt for surgery when the cataract does not bother you greatly. Sadly, it is going to grow steadily and surely and you will eventually have difficulty watching TV, reading, and driving at night.  The ophthalmologist may prescribe eyeglasses when the cataracts are not too invasive. However, you would have to think of getting the damaged lens removed for good once you find it difficult to enjoy a normal lifestyle. Cataract surgery may also be suggested by the eye doctor when the cataract is big enough to crowd inside the eye. This may result in the application of pressure and eventually pose the risk of blindness.

What to expect during recovery?

Well, the surgeon may apprise you of certain complications but such risks are few and far between. Remember that cataract surgery is a safe procedure and you will be able to go home after a few hours.

  • It is important to have a friend or family member accompany you as you would not be capable of driving yourself home.
  • You may feel some soreness with itching experienced as well. Make sure to apply the prescribed eye drops diligently for the medication will keep infection away. You will be asked to refrain from certain activities including bending, driving, and rubbing your eyes.
  • A majority of surgeons advise wearing an eye shield or eye patch as a protective measure. This helps to protect the eye 24X7
  • It is important to report any sort of discomfort including excessive tear formation, pain, and stinging in the eye to the concerned surgeon without delay.

The cataract surgeons near me will examine your eyes meticulously 8 weeks after the procedure and fit you with prescription glasses as required. You may also opt for the advanced procedure that will allow you to function without the aid of eyeglasses.

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