Online Chess Hold’em Blotting

Hold’em is a game that is transformed from a poker game, but Badugi is a completely different game to call it poker. Usually 5 people receive two cards privately except for themselves, and make the lowest low card with a total of 3 chances for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It will determine victory or defeat. Those who only play hold’em may be a little unfamiliar with it, but in Korea, when it comes to card games, you can see that Baduk is the original rather than 온라인홀덤 or Seven Audi. Blopping is often referred to as ‘pungka’, but it is the beauty and advanced technique of the game of Go. The excellence of its essence has been proven to the extent that Professor Robert Orman, a game theory master at Harvard University, who won the Nobel Prize in Economics, praised bluffing as the best strategy.

It is true that many people know the meaning of pungka, but the principle is not easily understood. There are cases where the principle of expression is easy to understand. That’s North Korea. This includes operations that lead negotiations to an advantage through remarks such as ‘Seoul Sea of ​​Fire’ and ‘Possession of nuclear weapons’. However, there are three important points to this strategy.

The first is that when a bluffing strategy succeeds, there must be a clear benefit.

 In the case of war, certain profits must be guaranteed, such as making an ally, who was on the defensive, slow the enemy’s attack, or in the case of a company, defeating competitors’ pursuit or earning large profits.

The second is that the other person must not know what I have and what the situation is. The reason North Korea, the best bluff player, succeeds in bluffing is because we cannot accurately understand the military situation in North Korea.

​Third is to add scarcity value to the bluffing strategy.

It’s important to know that bluffing strategies don’t always succeed, and when done occasionally the success rate is high. A bluffing strategy is an attractive enough strategy to use when your opponent doesn’t know you well and has a clear interest in you. In a real game, it is important to check the above three points before attempting bluffing, but first of all, you must save your own image. There is a high probability that even the most threatening amount of bluffing will fail with an image that looks like a hogu. And bluffing with multiple players calling is risky. The fewer players who call ahead and are on the hand, the better. If there were 20-party talks instead of 6-party talks, North Korea might be in a new phase.

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