Organize a large gathering

A large gathering is a sporting, cultural or recreational event, for profit or not, which brings together a large number of people simultaneously for a specific period, in a place that is not intended for this purpose. This is why it requires a specific security device.

Whether the rally has 5,000 or 30,000 people, the mayor and the prefect must be informed at least two months before the scheduled date. sportfogadás újság megjelenése You must submit a “large gatherings” safety file to the town hall and the prefecture as soon as possible. You must pay particular attention to aspects of site security and accessibility, road aspects (traffic, parking, information for road users, access for emergency services and law enforcement), health aspects, fire safety, and aspects related to civil security.

The prefect coordinates emergency and security resources with the various players concerned. kínai bukméker meggyilkolása He can, if necessary, form a study group (SAMU, gendarmerie) in charge of evaluating and possibly modifying the security measures that you have planned. It reports on the risks incurred, the favorable and unfavorable elements of the project.

The mayor has the power to prohibit the demonstration

 If he judges that it may harm public order. Are not considered as large gatherings events that take place in a place (establishment open to the public, approved 해외축구 중계사이트 arena) provided for this purpose and which has been subject to control by a safety commission. The for-profit event bringing together more than 1,500 people (public and staff) on a site must be declared to the mayor between one year and one month before the event.

At the latest one month before the event, the mayor must have a file specifying:

  • The surname, first name, capacity (name and head office for a legal entity) of the organizer;
  • The nature of the event;
  • Date, time, location;
  • The capacity of the installation (stadium, room);
  • The number of spectators expected;
  • The number of people contributing to the organization;

The safety measures taken (fire, panic) and the date and opinion of the last safety commission;

The possible establishment of a security service (number of people, supervision, instructions, etc.). This measure is not mandatory; it depends on the circumstances, issues and risks specific to the event.

If the mayor deems the security measures you have taken to be insufficient, he can impose a security service on you or the reinforcement of the planned system. sportfogadás elemző program

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