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Over 350 different species of parrots they come in all sizes and shapes, but the majority of us are attracted by their gorgeous feathers that are colored and also the reality that some are able to talk’.Parrots are available in a variety of varieties and species, and sizes are extremely different. The most hefty bird is the Kakapo, which could weigh up to nine tons (4 kg) and the buff-faced pygmy parrot is the lightest, with a weight of around 0.4

pounds (10 grams) and stands just 3 inches (8 centimeters) tall.Parrots can mimic human speech. They are loved by pet owners. Parrots from different regions of the globe have been able to escape due to hurricanes or natural disasters, and have been breeding in large numbers. Monk parakeet is one of these species typically located in the subtropical region of South America and is now breeding in the U.S.Parrots are social creatures ,

and they live in groups referred to as “flocks,”

which can include up to up or thirty bird species. They communicate with one another by swaying their tail feathers, and also by the squawking. They are particularly fond of seeds, and have strong jaws that permit them to break open their pretty hard shells. Keas have longer beaks which are used to dig in the soil to find insects, and the kakapos eat their plants and consume the juices.

Parrots belong to the Psittaciformes family which includes parakeets, cockatiels, macaws, and cockatoos.While they differ in appearance and abilities, they share a few features: they need to have a beak that is curved and the feet have to contain four toes per foot with two that are pointing backwards and two in front that point. This is known as zygodactyl. How Long Do Birds Live

The largest variety of parrots appears

to be found in regions like South America, Central America and Australia.The majority of parrots in the wild are on regions of Southern Hemisphere warmer areas.Parrots prefer colder climates, like the parrots with thick-billed bills as well as the maroon-fronted ones and the Keas.Owls are known as “Birds of prey” so this implies the owls kill species to eat and to survive. They are considered carnivores and predators, which means that they consume different kinds of prey.

The majority of them eat insects such as earthworms, crabs the fish reptiles, amphibians, snails, birds and other small animals. The fundamental rule regarding owls is that they consume meat. Their diet is varied and they are able to adjust to their environment and eat whatever food is available in the area they reside.Different species consume different food items.

 With over 21 species,

this could vary greatly based on what their diets are going to be comprised of. A good example could be Screech Owl. The Screech Owl mainly consumes tiny insects. The barn owl mainly eats rats and mice present in the barn they reside in.

The bigger ones will consume larger animals like foxes and rabbits. They will also eat birds as large as a duck or turkey. They have been known to eat falcons, cats, raccoons, falcons squirrels, eagles, squirrels, voles, crayfish moths, beetles scorpions, centipedes as well as mosquitos, spiders and much more.Each species of fish is able to eat different types of fish .

Many of these depend on the location they reside. If they live near the water, it is likely that it’ll eat more crabs and fish

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