Pictures of Sam Derakhshani and her second child who was just born! (+ Biography)

تصاویری از سام درخشانی و فرزند دومش 

Sam Derakhshani is one of the most brilliant players in Iranian serials and cinema. His first child was Barakeh. His son has become very popular in cyberspace and has recently had a second child. He was born ! (+ Biography) Follow the top B site. 

Brief biography of Sam Derakhshani 

Sam Derakhshani, born in 1975 in Tehran, is an Iranian actor who has achieved success in Iran. In 1999, he started acting with Shabzadegan, made by Iranian director Amir Hossein Ghahraei, and became more famous by playing in the series Pejman.

Pictures of Sam Derakhshani and her second child who was just born!  (+ Biography)

Famous works of Sam Derakhshani in cinema

Killing a traitor (2021 – Masoud Kimiaei)

Texas 2 (2019 – Masoud Atyabi)

Texas (2017 – Masoud Atyabi)

Good, bad, kitty (2016 – Peyman Ghasemkhani)

Sarpardeh (2010 – Bahman Goodarzi)

Caring (2009 – Bahman Goodarzi)

Scorpio (2008 – Majid Javanmard)

Sugar Facing (2008 – Majid Javanmard)

Notfi Shom (2008 – Karim Atashi)

Crime scene, the arrival of Mamno (2005 – Ebrahim Sheibani)

City of Chaos (2005 – Yadollah Samadi)

جودا افتاده (2004 – داوود موثقی)

A house in the sand (2003 – Ardeshir Afshin Rad)

Agha Doom (2003 – Mahshid Afsharzadeh)

دلبخته (1379 – Khosrow Masoumi)

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Famous works of Sam Derakhshani in the series

Eight and a half hot (2018 – Shahram Shah Hosseini)

Bachelor (1395 – 2018 – Soroush Sehat)

Everything is in order (2014 – Shahram Shah Hosseini)

Rain Sounds (2014 – Hossein Soheilizadeh)

Matador (2013 – Farhad Najafi)

Pejman (2013 – Soroush Sehat)

Tell Rastash (2012 – Mohammad Reza Ahanj)

Like Glass (2012 – Javad Mazdabadi)

Share Dagianus (2011 – Mehrdad Khoshbakht)

Nabardeh Ranj (2011 – Alireza Bazrafshan)

Dara va Nadar (2010 – Masoud Deh Namaki)

A boy like Baba (2009 – Milad Kozazi)

خسته دلان (1388 – سیروس الوند)

Live Bride (2009 – Parand Zahedi)

Return (2009 – Hossein Saharkhiz)

The sky is not always cloudy (2009 – Saeed Alamzadeh)

Pictures of Sam Derakhshani and her second child who was just born!  (+ Biography)

Photos of Sam Derakhshani’s wife

Relying on the Sun (2009 – Hossein Saharkhiz)

In the Eye of the Wind (2009 – Masoud Jafari Jozani)

Beautiful Days (2008 – Javad Afshar)

Where I was born (2008 – Massoud Abparvar)

Snow Bride (2008 – Sirus Alvand)

Rah Nirang (2008 – Mehrdad Khoshbakht)

Walking on the highway (2008 – Hossein Tabrizi)

Named Ghol Sorkh (2007 – Fayyaz Mousavi)

Saeed Naeemi (2007 – Sirus Alvand)

Snow and Violet Cells (2006 – Saeed Soltani)

How Many We Are (2006 – Fayyaz Mousavi)

Days of Moderation (2005 – Mehran Rassam)

Seas (2002 – Sirus Moghaddam)

Behesht Abi (2001 – Ahmad Moradpour)

Companion (1379 – Qasem Jafari)

Stay with me (2000 – Hamid Labkhandeh)

Father’s House (2000 – Fereydoun Hassanpour)

Zadghan Night (1999 – Amir Hossein Ghahraei)

Sam Derakhshani’s second child was born

Sam Derakhshani, an actor in Iranian cinema and television, announced today, October 22, 2016, in cyberspace that his second child, a boy, has been born.
In this famine, good news, finally a good thing happened to me. Thank you very much, dear Dr. Shakiba Khodadad, and the compassionate and professional staff of Erfan Hospital.

Pictures of Sam Derakhshani and her second child who was just born!  (+ Biography)

The second child of Sam Derakhshani and Asal Amirpour was born by Dr. Shakiba Khodadad in Erfan Hospital in Tehran and surprised this celebrity couple. Pond Sam Derakhshani’s first child was born about three years ago in Vancouver, Canada.

And after 3 years, the couple’s second child, who is a little boy, successfully opened his eyes in our beloved homeland of Iran after a cesarean section in the middle of the night. Announcing this news on social networks, many fans of Mr. Bazigar and a large number of newcomer artists congratulated and expressed their happiness.

Sam Derakhshani’s reaction on his Instagram about the birth of his second child

The actor has announced in his latest Instagram post that he has named his son Barsam and now he has two children named Barakeh and Barsam. It was on June 17, 1994 that Sam Derakhshani officially announced his marriage with the release of a video, and Asal Amirpour is the wife of Mr. Bazigar, to whom she has given birth to two children.

The marriage of Mr. Derakhshani, an actor, and his wife was registered in 2015, and on their wedding day, the couple made a vow to have two children. Five years after their marriage, God gave them two children, a girl and a boy, and it is interesting to know that the couple met at a party.

And they were engaged for a few months to get to know each other better

And their wedding sermon by Seyyed Mohammad Khatami

read. This is the artist of our country for the first time

Bar became a father in December 1996 and today is the first of October

1399 experienced the taste of being a good father for the second time.

He is now very happy with having a pond and his son together ٬‌ Sam Derakhshani is very happy with his family life and a few days ago he posted pictures of his family of four and thanked God for the return and feedback. He had a lot of this post. 

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