Preferable Tiles For Metal Roofing

The roof covering of the building should give it an attractive appearance, even after a long time has elapsed since the installation. Metal tile is one of the most popular roofing materials, so it is presented in a large assortment in the construction market. Both foreign and domestic companies manufacture these products. After the roof project is created, the building materials need to be purchased; they have a metallic tile – the colors are attractive in their variety (see picture). Which one to choose?

Prefer metal tiles

When buying a metal tile, color matching is an important parameter, including:

  • Steel thickness – should be at least 0. 6 mm;
  • Zinc content (in percent);
  • Manufacturer’s warranty;
  • Full Coverage type;
  • Profile

Features of metal tiles

Roofing elements such as a metal tiles are distinguished by:

  • According to the wave pattern;
  • By profile depth;
  • By the step of the wave;
  • By quality;
  • According to the aesthetic features.

For quality, it depends on:

Metal roof aesthetic perception

The parameters of aesthetic perception are determined by:

  • Profile of the geometry of the sheet of roofing products, its wave height;
  • What color is the metal tile? The choice means resources;
  • Coating surface, which can imitate matte, glossy, textured, metallic, natural tiles.

Due to the massive choice of roofing products, the buyer always has the opportunity to choose what he prefers. For those who have decided that they need metal tiles – the color scheme of the material on the market will help them realize their plans. You can search so many Antonio metal roofing companies to get this service properly. Thanks to the richness of tones and shades, many buildings look much more harmonious than a decade ago when the roofs were primarily gray and featureless. For this reason, architects and designers often choose metal roofs.


All-metal tile manufacturers offer a guarantee for their products, but the duration may vary. The most extended warranty (up to 15 years or more) consists of roofing material with a polymer coating on polyurethane (Pural) and plastic. Metal tiles with polyester coating are not more than ten years old. This material is preferable for commercial metal roofing San Antonio. When purchasing these roofing materials, consumers should be aware that according to ISO certification, the requirements of manufactured products are much higher than those specified in Russian Ghosts. For sample domestic standards.

Alo Devi additions are still thickness by up to 0.05 mm and international standard 0.01 mm. This means that a sheet of metal tile made in the country’s territory may have a thickness of 0.65 mm at one end and 0.55 mm at the other end.

The danger of the difference is that the roof sheet can be deformed after installation. As a result of the difference in the thickness of the polymer coating, the effect of atmospheric phenomena will change the color of the metal tiles, but not evenly – spots will appear on the surface, some of which will be light, others dark.

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