Quickest Way To Sell A House On The Market

What Can You Do To Sell a House Fast?

Selling a house quickly has never been an easy task. Even in a fast-moving real estate market, you will need to make extra efforts to make the process a little faster. So, what options do you have if you need to sell a home quickly? Well, there are a few different approaches you can take for a quick home sale.

If you are in urgent need of cash or if you need to move houses quickly, the ideal option would be to sell to a “we buy houses” company. They can offer you quick cash in a convenient way, but you will be losing some value for the house. If you don’t want to settle for a lower value, you can use a top real estate agent to speed up your house selling process. It is not as fast of an option as selling to “we buy houses,” but in many cases, a good agent can still close a deal in just a month.

Let us go into a bit more detail about these options to see what advantages or disadvantages they offer.

We Buy Houses Companies:

You will see a lot of “quick ho” signboards while just driving around the neighborhood. These are investors looking to buy houses quickly for cash and offer a convenient route for sellers, but they will not be willing to pay the market value on your home as they have to make a profit from the deal as well.


  • The fastest way to sell
  • Completely Hassle-free
  • Offer direct cash for houses
  • Can buy houses as-is
  • No agent fees


  • A cash offer is lower than a house’s market value
  • Risk of scammers, so do your due diligence

Top Estate Agent:

If the idea of getting low value for your house puts you off a “we buy houses” company, you can always try to get the top real estate agent in your area to get your house to sell faster.

No matter how good an estate agent is, they can not match the quickness of “we buy houses” to get you an offer. But maybe the urgency of a cash buyer is not what you need, and you only want to speed up the selling process. Then, in that case, a good real estate agent can really help.


  • Experienced agent to help with negotiations
  • Better price than a “We buy houses.”
  • Good agents will help in the staging process
  • Relatively faster closing than many other options


  • Not as fast as a “we buy houses” company
  • Agents fees that can be between 4-6%

In light of the given information, you can see that the two options cater to different needs. A person in an emergency will naturally feel better with a “we buy houses” company, and the lower cash offer doesn’t necessarily mean a deal is bad because, in most cases, the other conveniences of a cash offer make up for it. But if you can afford to wait for a little, then a good estate agent is also a reasonable consideration.

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