Repair of air conditioning, air conditioning and heating equipment


Inkster Manteniments – Heating and Ac service in al Barsha and technical assistance

We are a company with highly qualified technical personnel in the repair of heating and air conditioning equipment.

Inkster Manteniments – Repairs air conditioning and heating equipment regardless of brand. Counting on the trust of prestigious brands such as Roca-York of the Johnson Controls group and Kay sun to represent their equipment as Official Technical Service.

Inster Maintenance- Uses high-quality components in the repair of treated equipment ensuring optimal operation of these, both in domestic and industrial equipment, offering advice on the possibilities and preventive maintenance protocols to follow to reduce the chances of future breakdowns.

Inster Maintenance – Puts its best technical and human resources at your fingertips.

 Constantly ensuring the quality of the service provided by our staff.

Inster Maintenance – Being aware of the structural and functional differences of the equipment currently assembled in our area of ​​influence and in order to offer a quality service,

Inster Manteniments – After years of experience in the Ac service in Mirdif and heating sector, it has been possible to confirm that the most common faults, such as: derived compressors, short-circuited plates, stuck fans, unloaded circuits. etc, are caused by lack of refrigerant, accumulated dust on printed circuits, dirt embedded in shafts, refrigeration joints damaged by temperature changes. etc. All these breakdowns and a long list share a common denominator, the lack of preventive maintenance or poor preventive maintenance. Experience has shown us that effective preventive maintenance reduces the rate of the most common breakdowns by a truly significant percentage.

Inster Maintenance- Offers its customers a preventive maintenance program adapted to the needs of each piece of equipment.

  • Original spare parts
  • Great experience in repairs
  • We serve at home
  • Guaranteed results

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