Roland Burroughs enters Europe with his next 3D broadcast

The second “Grand Slam” this year will be announced to Eurosport and Orange TV France subscribers following an agreement with Panasonic and the French Tennis Federation. The event, which runs from May 23 to June 6, 2010, is the largest event for sports and television audiences in Europe. In addition, Orange TV produces 3D game shows and documentaries. gaminátor játék ingyen To restart, Orange TV France subscribers will be able to access this content if their TVs use Full HD (High Definition) technology in 3D. játékok nyerőgépes ingyen

With the Grand Slam broadcast, Orange France plans to launch a new 3D TV channel that will be available to all its subscribers on the IPTV platform.

Roland Garros adds other sports coverage, so initially, this 3D channel focused on this feature, although it also aired documentaries and entertainment.

3D screens on the market have high image resistance,

 Between 200 and 600 Hz. The price of 3D devices is still a bit negative, but not for everyone. Panasonic sells its 50-inch Plasma TV, Blu-ray 3D player, a pair of glasses and some movies for 2,2999. Television is the same standard, less than 500 euros without 3D. Blu-ray only gives a price difference.

Thanks to the 3D extension and firmware update (firmware) 해외축구중계사이트 device and power for Sony’s PlayStation 3 console, it is expected that another hit will be released that will allow 3D movies to be played. To use. Sony 3D TVs went on sale in Japan yesterday.

 The Korean company Samsung has released two 3D TVs, LED and Plasma. A dedicated computer can convert two-dimensional content to 3D.

For some time now, architectural landmarks, tourist attractions and sports venues in major cities have been attracting a lot of attention. gaminator frissítés The proposed architectural plans for future theatres are not intended to create a world-famous and imaginative space, but to promote energy efficiency and environmental sustainability: the so-called “green concept”, is then divided into three categories: social and environmental. And economics.

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