Safety tips to carry your diamond jewelleries while travelling abroad

Travelling with jewellery can be tricky especially if you’re carrying expensive jewellery. However, we may not always be in a position where we need not carry it with us while travelling. If someone is travelling to attend a grand ceremony or a special occasion, you may need to carry some of your expensive jewellery along. Ornaments made of expensive items like gold, platinum and diamond warrant a considerable investment on the part of the buyer and hence you would like to take care of those ornaments and keep it in good condition at all times including travelling. So here are a few tips for you to keep in mind in case you have to travel along with you jewellery.

Do not store your jewellery in your check in luggage

You should never pack your expensive jewellery in your check in luggage when you are travelling via air or when you are taking a long bus ride. In certain situations the security personnel at the airport may want to physically inspect your bag which will increase the risk of theft of your jewellery if it’s placed in your check in luggage. If you are carrying jewellery while travelling overseas, it is best to keep your jewellery in your cabin luggage or your handbag which will be with you at all times. You can also choose to wear jewellery at the airport since it does not set off any alarms at the security.

Make a list and store your jewellery properly

You should always make a list, be it mental or physical, of the jewellery items you are carrying. Be it a lab grown diamond ring or a natural diamond pendant, having a list is absolutely essential. This helps to alert you if anything goes missing. Also, it is wise to carry your jewellery in a carry all case which has enough padding to avoid damage and entangling during the transit.

Be cautious of leaving jewellery in the hotel room

You should never leave any valuables at your hotel room unattended. The housekeeping staffs have access to your rooms even when you are not around. Always store your jewellery in a safe box in your hotel room or at the security deposit box. If these are not available at your hotel then it is better to carry your jewellery along with you.

Avoid wearing jewellery in public places

Do not wear any expensive jewellery if you are visiting an unknown dangerous place or if you are going to engage in sporting activities or dancing at a night club. If you find yourself wearing expensive jewellery in an empty street or a shady neighborhood then try to conceal the jewellery that you are wearing with a piece of clothing.

Get insurance

Last but not the least, buy a suitable insurance for your jewellery that will protect you against any loss. Engagement rings Hatton Garden and other jewellery items from renowned companies do offer insurance for your jewellery. Always make sure the policies are up to date and cover the losses during travel.

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