Simple Ideas For Interactive Content

A great way to increase engagement and diversify your regular Interactive posting process is to use interactive content. Interactive content engages your audience more, increases click-through rates, and provides more opportunities to inform and inspire your network.

Interactive content includes any content that a user can click, click, respond to, or play with. It takes more effort (and sometimes money) to create this content, but users typically spend more time and enjoy more. They will engage your audience and can even be used to get to know your audience better.

To help you think about it, here are seven types of interactive content to consider.

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Quizzes / surveys

Quizzes and surveys are an inexpensive way to create interactive content. Think about it – how many times have you stopped to find out what kind of pizza you are?

Quizzes can be fun or help your audience identify where they are. It can be an opportunity for you to offer your product or service. They can help you get inside your audience’s minds and create duplicate content (once when Interactive posting and again when Interactive posting results).

Another benefit of polls and quizzes is that they can show your audience that the conversation is a two-way street and that you care about their opinion. Another fun way to interact with your fans is to ask them to add captions to your photos.

Twitter, Facebook Pages, Facebook Groups, and Instagram Stories all have built-in polls that you can use. Each of them allows you to add multiple response options (in Facebook polls you can even add photos and GIFs as options) and you control the duration of the poll.

 Contest / lottery

Classic and old-fashioned contests and sweepstakes are also great examples of interactive content and can be a solid way to increase your engagement.

Even if you can no longer request to comment, like, or share a Facebook Interactive post to win on Facebook, running an Instagram contest can be as easy as asking a follower and tagging a friend or asking your audience to answer a question. in the comments. .

Make sure your price is marked and remember that all is well.

Multiple choice cartridges

Multiple choice Interactive posts can be fun, especially on platforms that allow multiple Interactive posts with photos.

Each photo can be a different option for your audience. You can use this method to help you decide on the next flavor or product to offer. You’re going to engage them, get their feedback, and increase sales because you are essentially giving them what they choose.

Interactive infographics, white papers and e-books

It might be a bit more expensive to create, but it can be a lot of fun for your audience.

Interactive infographics and other content can contain pop-ups or clicks to other landing pages, quizzes, additional content, etc., and can be a great tool to educate your audience about a specific industry or product.

Interactive films

Interactive video is another great way to incorporate interactive content through the medium that has the most reach and engagement of any type of content.

Interactive videos can include clicks on landing pages, quizzes, or playing specific sections depending on the viewer’s choices. There are some great tools you can use to create these types of videos, but YouTube provides simple video interaction maps for viewers to subscribe to your channel or watch a similar video or playlist.

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