Soan papdi

Soan Papdi Sweets from Haldiram’s

Known for their sweeth tooth, sweets and desserts is the eternal love of Indians. And why wouldn’t they, when every Indian state proudly owns a wide variety of delectable desserts?
When it comes to Indian sweets, you can find a plethora of options that are impossible to even think of tasting within a week. Another reason for this extreme love for sweets is that the Indian subcontinent is home to multiple religions, castes, communities, and creeds. Different cultures bring different occasions to celebrate, and what is better associate with celebrations than sweets.
Whether it is festivals like Holi, Diwali, or Eid, or events like birthdays, weddings, or get-togethers, desserts are easy to find. You can get a range of lip-smacking sweets like ladoo, barfi, besan, gulab jamun, petha, halwa, etc., served on almost every occasion. 

The Most Loved Indian Sweet: Soan Papdi

Any discussion even remotely related to sweets is incomplete without Soan Papdi. This Diwali unique mithai is nearly impossible to forget. 

Made with a mixture of besan and maida, Soan Papdi has a unique colour and a light texture. This is what makes it so amazing and irresistible.
Moreover, you can buy Soan Papdi as it makes a perfect gifting option for occasions and get-togethers. It is so because it lasts a long time, allowing you to enjoy it throughout the year, regardless of the occasion. Here’s another one in the list of reasons that make Soan Papdi so loved – this flaky flour-based treat is low in calories, making it an ideal dessert for health-conscious sweet lovers.

What goes into making this sweet?

Ingridients such as all-purpose flour, gram flour, sugar, water, and milk are used to make Soan papdi. Further, powdered green cardamom is added to the mixture to enhance the taste and often roasted pistachios or almonds or even crushed rose petals are used as toppings.

Where to get mouth-watering Soan Papdi?

Undoubtedly, the very first name that pops in your head when you hear the words snacks or sweets is Haldiram’s. The brand has been a household name for decades, with hundreds of outlets/restaurants across the country and abroad. Add to this the fact that the brand is now also available online. So, you can easily order Soan Papdi online while lying on your comfortable couch. 

Haldiram’s Soan Papdi is only made with utmost attention to the quality of ingredients, also caters to the increasing concern of health and hygiene among consumers.
You can buy Soan Papdi from the brand at affordable prices for personal consumption and gifting. 

Additionally, suppose you are someone living miles away from India and want to celebrate your occasion with tasty Indian sweets. In that case, you can check the Haldiram UK website.

You can order Soan Papdi online from the Haldiram UK website or store. Alos, you can also find numerous other Indian sweets like rasmalai, rasgulla, milk cake, motichoor ladoo, and many more. The best part is Haldiram UK offers gluten-free and vegan sweets. For more details, visit the Haldiram UK website!

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