Solid Surface vs. Compact Surface Countertops: Is there a Difference?

Have you heard intriguing things about using solid surface materials to create a custom countertop? Perhaps you saw an example of one in your neighbor’s backyard bar or their workshop. قانون لعبة البوكر And then you saw a video using compact surface tiles for a bathroom. Are they the same thing?

The Countertop Shop out in Monclova, OH stocks both types of products, and we offer up some simple FAQs to help you decide which is right for your home renovation project.

Both Products Begin as a Combination of Stone Dust or Clay and Resin

Both solid and ultra-compact surfaces begin life as a collection of stone aggregate, clay, resins, colorant, and epoxy. They are produced in factories using giant mixing vats, moving belts, pressure plates, and ovens. A massive printer applies specks, veining, and changing colors to create designs that look like natural stone with non-repeating patterns. But there are significant variations between the two products that are crucial when planning an outdoor kitchen or updating your rental unit kitchen.

Ultra-compact Surfaces Bring Beauty and Durability to Walls, Floors, Counters, and Outdoor Spaces

Ultra-compact surfaces are the premier choice when searching for a gorgeous slab that can be used to complement your countertops or master spa design. Some slabs are thin, reducing their overall weight, so you can have a wall clad in marble look-alike or match your flooring to the walk-in shower.

Thicker slabs are made for use as countertops in outdoor kitchens, pool surrounds, and custom bar installations.

These slabs can look just like wood, granite, marble, or any solid color that you desire. العاب قمار حقيقية They are difficult to scratch, never require sealing, and resist stains.

You will pay a premium price for this stunning product, but the results will belong in a home improvement site or magazine.

Solid Surface Countertops Offer Unique Colors and Textures in Maintenance Free Materials

If you are hunting for a durable countertop but don’t need it to look like stone, a solid surface version may be a perfect choice. While quartz can be considered solid surface, it is crafted to look and feel just like stone including some fissures and veining. تعلم اسرار الروليت Other solid surface materials use glass or metallic flecks for a unique appearance that breaks the stone countertop mold. They are not quite as indestructible as compact surface but will last up to twenty years without the need for routine sealing.

Solid surface may be slightly more affordable than quartz and granite but more of an investment compared to laminates.

Both Products are Available in Sizes and Designs Ready to Create the Kitchen of Your Dreams

The best way to decide if you want a solid or ultra-compact surface for your Toledo area kitchen or bath renovation is to see and touch examples in person. Come out to The Countertop Shop showroom out on Airport Highway and find the perfect slab for your custom design today.

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