Something has happened, otherwise there would not have been so many lives: Home Minister

Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal has said that those responsible for the explosion and fire at the BM container depot at Sitakunda in Chittagong should be punished. We will determine after receiving the results of the investigation.

He was speaking to reporters after the janaza of firefighter Shakil Talukder, who was killed at the Fire Service and Civil Defense Department at Fulbabaria in Old Dhaka at 11:30 am on Tuesday.

Earlier, Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan paid homage to the body of slain firefighter Shakil Tarafdar.

He later took part in his janaza.

The minister said two high-level investigative teams were working at the scene. Until the results of the investigation are known, I cannot say whether it was a case of negligence or sabotage or motive. Something has happened, otherwise not so many lives will be lost. I believe that too.

He said that the fire service personnel have always proved that they are fearless soldiers. You have seen different times including FR tower. Here too they have shown that courage. For a moment they did not delay, they ran away. They did their best. Unfortunately, 9 of them were killed and the bodies of 3 of them were not identified. 15 people are receiving treatment for serious injuries in different hospitals including CMH.

If someone involved is influential, will there be a discount? In response to such a question, he said, the Prime Minister has given a discount? He does not even leave the members of parliament. So the message is clear, if anyone is found involved, if anyone is found to be negligent, if anyone is involved in any form of sabotage, he must be punished. Then we will determine that.

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