Sports chiromassage

This type of manual technique is focused on people who are professionally dedicated to the sports field. This type of chiromassage not only helps to prevent and avoid injuries, but also helps to meet the sports objectives set. It is also especially useful as reinforcement for rehabilitation treatment. ivermectin oestrus ovis

Lymphatic drainage

It is a type of gentle chiromassage with which the entire circulatory system is stimulated, with special emphasis on areas of greatest inflammation such as the legs and abdomen. This type of chiromassage is especially recommended for those who suffer from tired legs or fluid retention.

Difference between chiromassage and physiotherapy

Chiromassage is the manual technique indicated as a complement or reinforcement to other treatments that have to do with sports injuries or other conditions. It is also indicated as disease prevention, improving the patient’s quality of life.

There are many theories about how 마사지 might work, but none have been proven true. There is little doubt that massage temporarily increases blood circulation in the area being massaged, but it is not clear that this makes any lasting difference. Some massage therapists and massage therapy schools promote the notion that massage dissolves calcium deposits in muscle, but there is no objective confirmation of this claim.

An entirely different explanation is that massage promotes healing more generally,

 by reducing stress and inducing relaxation. Massage also satisfies the basic human need to be touched. budgie ivermectin treatment

Some forms of massage, such as Rolfing Structural Integration, acupressure, and reflexology have elaborate theories behind them. However, little to no scientific evidence exists for these theories; Furthermore, there is some evidence that the theory behind reflexology is incorrect.

The most significant trials used some kind of sham treatment for the control group,

 such as sham laser acupuncture. However, using a placebo treatment that is very different in a way from the treatment under study is less than ideal. One study (discussed below) compared real reflexology versus fake reflexology. However, it is quite likely that the reflexologist at least unconsciously communicates more enthusiasm and optimism when he performs the real therapy than when he performs the sham therapy; this, too, could affect the result. It has been suggested that the only way around this last problem would be to compare the effectiveness of trained professionals against actors trained only enough to provide a simulation of the treatment; however, such studies have not been reported.

Still other studies have simply involved giving people massages and seeing if they get better. These essays are particularly meaningless; It has long been proven that both the participants and the doctors who examine them at least think they see improvements in the people given the treatment, whether or not the treatment does anything on its own.

Finally, other trials have compared massage to competing therapies,

 Such as acupuncture or relaxation therapy . Unfortunately, when you compare unproven therapies with each other, the results cannot possibly prove that any of the examined treatments are effective.

Given these caveats, the following is a summary of what science knows about the effects of massage.

Pain in the back side of the back

Although the evidence is far from complete, it appears that massage may offer benefit for low back pain However, these benefits may be short-term.

One of the most recent studies compared massage to sham laser therapy in 107 people with lower back pain. The results indicate that massage is more effective than fake laser therapy for lower back pain relief and that massage therapy combined with exercise and posture training is even more effective

Another study compared acupuncture,

 massage, and self-care education in 262 people with persistent back pain. 5 By the end of the 10-week treatment period, massage itself has been shown to be more effective than self-care (or acupuncture). However, at one year of follow-up, there was no difference in symptoms between the massage group and the self-care group. strongyloides adult larvae ivermectin boston

In another study, acupressure style massage was more effective than Swedish massage for treating low back pain.

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