Sports practice and competition

That the Mission delivers other sports resources to the Municipality Real Participation implies protagonist, autonomy, decentralization, coherence, critical awareness and, above all, that people take responsibility for what they decide.

    Physical motivation the enormous communication detached from the information about epl중계 channeled by the media has led to it ceasing to be an aspect of privilege for certain social classes and has become a massive fact.

    What do we understand by Direction?

 It is a process that extends to the activity of the management bodies and cadres aimed at achieving the objectives proposed in the operation of the management system itself, Planning, Organizing, regulation or Command and Control, during which they unite and all the elements of said system interact, Man plays the fundamental role, he is dynamic like all reality, he is an extremely diverse phenomenon. Everything that characterizes the elements of the system is synthesized, also having its own specific features according to the management level, not starting another task until the planned one is completed. betfinal com It is necessary to define the content, what are we going to do? in the organization for the fulfillment of our objectives, Who will do it? And in what order and how are we going to do it? what technology will be used that is the one we have and the most appropriate.

    The organization: In our opinion, it is the organizational structure that is quite influenced by old, traditional, rigid and hierarchical societies that only covers the establishment of the structure and form, being therefore static and limited, in the municipality the Organization is described with the technique of correlating specific activities or functions in a coordinated whole, managing the human, financial and technological resources that we have in a collegial direction among all.

The Management Cycle

    In the municipality we have as a direction cycle from the Mission in Caracas that projects and guides the work of the teachers of the Barrio Adventure Depurative Mission. They are transmitted to the directors of the State who in turn organize it keeping in mind the objective conditions of the State of Carabobo transmits it to the Municipalities, here the orientations and indications are complied with, but they are adapted to the real situation of the Municipality, complying with the management system as a cyclical and linear process.


    Recreational sports physical activities constitute socialization actions that tend to create links between the participants, producing a process of identification with each other and at the same time with the environment, also contributing to better enjoyment and knowledge of the recreational offer and consequently increasing the level of satisfaction of individual expectations and social integration, in the sector under study, 241 adolescents were characterized from the psychosocial, economic, nutritional point of view and by preferences and tastes for sports.

Physical, sports and recreational activities project
Overall objective

    Increasing the levels of participation and diversifying the options in physical, sports and recreational activities for adolescents from 13 to 15 years of age, with the educational and recreational use of the free time of the facilities, areas, human resources and other available materials, as well as increasing and improve in order to satisfy more and more efficiently the individual and social needs of physical recreation as a service that contributes to raising the quality of life.

Specific objectives

Design a project of physical, sports and recreational activities with the rational use of free time.

Diversify by offering physical, sports and recreational options based on the tastes and preferences of adolescents between 13 and 15 years of age, prioritizing the most traditional activities in the community.

Increase the levels of participation in physical, sports and recreational activities both as a participant or spectator.

Potential short and long-term sports tournament cups in the community. طاولة وكرسي قيمنق

Reduce the rates of risk factors in the community through physical, sports and recreational activities.

Time frame

  • Date from June 2011 to September 2011.
  • Beneficiaries
  • The 241 organized adolescents who systematically participate in sports and recreation activities are direct beneficiaries.
  • Resources available to develop the plan
  • The recreational sports media of the Barrio Edenton teachers and the Venezuelan sports teachers
  • Technical strength
  • Inside Neighborhood Teacher: 5.
  • Venezuelan sports teachers: 3.

    With the results of the diagnosis of the adolescents from 13 to 15 years old selected for their systematic incorporation to the Recreational Sports Activities convened in the Sector, we evaluated some actions by doing the analysis to help in the Multilateral and Integral formation of the Adolescents.

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