Sports Tournament

This trend is reaching football as well and thus we can already find clubs that are seriously investing in this transformation such as the KSU stadium in Saudi Arabia, the Azteca stadium in Mexico or the CONMEBOL league (Liberators’).

Going from being a sport to a memorable experience is the mantra of this transformation that is based on three pillars: The multi-channel sports experience, the 360º venue and digital immersion. اسرار لعبة البوكر

The Digital Experience

Let us think of the hundreds of hours of video, the data and statistics, the quality and image detail accumulated in a football match whose sole destination at the moment is its broadcast by the audiovisual media and its monetization through advertising. All this wealth of information can now be exploited by clubs, leagues and stadiums in an intelligent and personalized way using artificial intelligence to create a unique experience for the spectator. Thus, a spectator from home or from the stadium itself can now follow the vital signs of his favorite player thanks to the IOT and smart clothing, his personal statistics, see and repeat the plays he wants, change the camera angles becoming his own director and creating a unique experience that you enjoy before, during and after the match.

You can share your comments on the club’s social network,

 have a conversation with your favorite players, access the coach’s guidelines, creating as many different broadcasts as there are viewers of the match. We all remember the viewer watching TV while listening to the broadcast of the match…. Now the viewer will be able to manage their own images, their own experience of the match how and when they want. كازينو البحرين In the extreme, it is interesting to question what sense the sale of football rights to TV networks or platforms will make when clubs and leagues can   broadcast directly on their digital channels, social networks and apps all this huge volume of images and, what is more important for them, to monetize them before, during and after the matches, valuing much more content than the linear images of the match.

The 360 venue

Just as attending the opera, traveling to a tourist destination or dining in a restaurant have transcended a mere need for leisure, becoming an experience in which we value both the concept itself and what surrounds it (attention and service, auxiliary services such as excursions, intermission dinner or space decoration), attendance at a stadium, whether it is a epl중계 or a show, will also become an experience for the spectator but also a great loyalty and monetization opportunity for clubs and brands. Thus, using digital technologies we will be able (already today we can) to buy our tickets, travel and accommodation for the match, transfer them or resell them, locate other attendees to the event with precision; We will be able to chat with other attendees, reserve a parking space or transport, buy merchandising online, receive personalized offers based on our behavior or the course of the sporting event itself.

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