What Can Eleven Sports Broadcast?

Eleven Sports is a typical sports project and we value this station for its high-quality broadcasts and talented commentators. They brought a lot of fresh blood to the journalism industry and boast excellent experts in several leagues. The transmission rights are very extensive here, so it’s good to have them all in one place. Probably […]

Mexican women at the Olympics

Female athletes not only lack support. Within public or private institutions, they face risky situations because they are women. These situations can range from receiving derogatory and sexist comments to harassment and experiencing sexual and sexual assault. All this just to develop in an area that should be by and for men only. Not only […]

Top 3 soccer teams

This is London’s most popular sport for visitors and spectators. London has many of England’s top football clubs, 14 professional teams, and more than 80 amateur leagues of the London Football Association. Wimbledon Stadium is London’s national soccer stadium. He hosted the National Football Team and hosted the FA Cup Final in 1923. With 14 […]

What new ideas or technologies have changed your game over the past decade?

The United Nations Commission on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights defines sport as: Sport […] includes, but is not limited to, lifestyle, language, oral and written literature, music and song, non-verbal communication, religion or beliefs, rituals and ceremonies, games and sports, production processes or technologies, natural and natural resources, food, clothing, shelter, arts, customs and […]

The balance between football and school!

This attack and possible lack of concentration can be prevented during training by doing individual activities with each athlete, making a weekly schedule, discovering “dead time” and thus increasing the effectiveness of time management. The difficult school football game was directly related to the time problem. Few talented people make the leap to the pro […]