Sports Tournament

This trend is reaching football as well and thus we can already find clubs that are seriously investing in this transformation such as the KSU stadium in Saudi Arabia, the Azteca stadium in Mexico or the CONMEBOL league (Liberators’). Going from being a sport to a memorable experience is the mantra of this transformation that […]

Advantages of Sports Betting?

Acquire brand knowledge. Do you want people to know who you are when they see the logo? It can be very comforting to have large companies, companies that have been operating in the international market for many years, but this is not possible due to the Industrial Revolution 4.0 and other technological phenomena caused by […]

Sports practice and competition

That the Mission delivers other sports resources to the Municipality Real Participation implies protagonist, autonomy, decentralization, coherence, critical awareness and, above all, that people take responsibility for what they decide.     Physical motivation the enormous communication detached from the information about epl중계 channeled by the media has led to it ceasing to be an aspect […]