Texas Hold’em Origin and Brief Description

Texas Hold’em History

Texas Hold’em is a type of poker game that first originated in the 1600s and can be viewed as an evolutionary period between 160 and 160 years after that.

Overseas, the game of poker is often called Texas 온라인홀덤 without a separate name for Texas Hold’em.

The origin is said to have originated in England, France, and India, and it is said to contain the energy to surprise people, so the name poker was started, and it can be seen as the same word as hold’em.

Since it’s effectively the same word as poker, it has to go back to its origins.

The origins of poker are ancient. The story of that ancient game is found in a 1526 documentary.

After that, in the 1700s, it appeared for the first time as a game by betting and technique in England (Edmond Hoyle wrote, “Poker is where the game is reversed by betting or technique once in four games”) In Germany, it was settled under the name of Pochen and in France, in 1803, a similar game called Poque was developed in French America.

In the area of ​​Louisiana, where the game was modified for over 20 years, English-speaking settlers named it poker and formed the basis of the modern poker game.

It is now one of the most popular sports in America, and has become synonymous with the gentlest, most American, and most rational game.

In Korea, only a small number of users used it before 2010, but from the late 2010s, it gained popularity among domestic users and the demand for it has increased significantly.

How to play Texas Hold’em

The game method of Texas Hold’em is surprisingly simple, but there are many variables.

First of all, it is a poker game in which two in-hand cards in your hand and five community cards on the floor are applied poker rules to determine the outcome between players.

Only you can check the 2 cards, and the community card is placed in the middle of the table so that everyone can share it.

With a total of 7 genealogies, it is a game to decide whether to win or lose.

You need to be able to make the right decisions according to the situation to make the maximum profit and the minimum loss.

You can always go all-in if you feel like you have a strong pedigree, or if you feel you need a bluff.

Not only the genealogy, but also the player’s position is important.

The order is clockwise, starting with the small blind, then the big blind, and finally the dealer.

Since the position of the dealership moves clockwise one by one, if there are usually 10 people sitting at one table, they will play in the same position once every 10 times.

Comparison between Seven Poker and Texas Hold’em

The reason we compare Texas Hold’em and Seven Poker is not to discriminate between the superiority and superiority of one sport.

At this point, Texas Hold’em vs Seven Poker can be said to be foreign poker vs domestic poker.

In fact, the large category can be seen as a poker game.

Speaking of three poker games, it is necessary to understand why Texas Hold’em has become the main poker content abroad.

The casino hosted Texas Hold’em as the main poker tournament.

If so, what could be the reason?

It is said that it is inappropriate to hold a tournament under the seven poker rules.

In Seven Poker , 8 cards are returned per player (when service cards are also paid to increase interest in the game).

This means that there should not be more than 6 participants per table.

The organizers of the tournament consider Seven Poker to be inappropriate because it needs to involve as many players as possible.

In addition, the game needs to be played quickly, and 7 Poker has a long dealing time.

For this reason, the main poker tournament was chosen as the Texas Hold’em event.

In the case of Texas Hold’em, each player is given only two hands, so the maximum number of players per table is 22, and the dealing speed is fast.

For this reason, the casino adopted the main event as Texas Hold’em instead of 7 Poker.

Currently, except in Korea, poker is naturally accepted as Texas Hold’em.

What is Seven Pokers?

Seven Pokers can be seen as our unique card game.

As I said before, Texas Hold’em is a poker game enjoyed all over the world, whereas Seven Poker is only played in Korea.

For example, if you compare billiards with billiards, you can see that the 4 ball is similar to that which is popular only in Korea, unlike the international three-cushion game.

The concept and rules of Seven Poker will be explained separately.

Seven Poker’s genealogy

Seven Pokers is different from Texas Hold’em in its genealogy.

Because the results are different and there is a lot of confusion, there are often fights offline.

Therefore, there will be no problem if you understand and play the genealogy and the difference between the genealogy and the genealogy of the two games.

In fact, on hold’em sites or mobile hold’em, the genealogy of my hand is clearly pointed out, but in the case of offline, if you are not familiar with it, it may be difficult to proceed.

Texas hold’em genealogy

As mentioned before, the genealogy of Texas Hold’em is used internationally, so even if you do not know the genealogy of 7 Poker, you must be aware of the genealogy of Texas Hold’em.

If you are aware of the genealogy and rules of Texas Hold’em, you can enjoy seven poker and other nonsensical games without difficulty.

Since there are many games that are altered or slightly modified, such as dice and board games, you need to understand the basic framework to enjoy these games.

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