The 3 Best Gas Stations in Chicago, IL

If you’re planning to open your own Costco Gas Station, you may want to consider buying into a franchise. While you’re not required to purchase a franchise, you may find that most drivers would rather use a known national brand. There are several advantages to buying into a gas station franchise. First, franchise agreements are reviewed by business attorneys. In addition, they’re easy to understand. So, if you’re considering this option, read on to learn more.

Historic gas stations

While the design of gas stations today may be similar to their predecessors, there are some notable differences. Gas stations in the early 20th century were largely shed-type buildings that prefigured many later designs. Several institutions, including the National Museum of American History and the Smithsonian Institution, now preserve many historic gas stations. The following are some notable examples. You can learn about some of the most unique gas station types and their distinctive features.

Gasoline stations have occupied prime locations for over 100 years. Their physical presence on the landscape is a lasting reminder of the transformation in transportation. In addition to reflecting car culture, early filling stations poured gasoline from hand containers, so the technology involved in filling gas tanks was far from perfect. Whether the gas station was a streamlined or an elaborate operation, the architecture of the buildings reflects the changes in the transportation industry over the last century.

Older gas stations don’t have service bays, so the challenge is more daunting. But if the space is right, a converted gas station can house a bank ATM, or a donut shop. In Paint Rock, Texas, a corner gas station houses a public library. Short-term patrons can access the library from the station’s driveway. In Lafayette, a restored 1928 Standard Oil station serves as the Red Crown Mini-Museum.

If you’re looking for historic gas stations, you’ll be glad to know that there are now a variety of ways to restore and preserve them. The first method involves examining underground storage tanks for leaking gas. These tanks can be a huge obstacle to redevelopment, which can also cause environmental damage. These tanks also tend to perpetuate abandoned sites, which suppress the value of neighboring properties. Fortunately, some states have moved beyond just cleaning up the underground storage tanks and are incorporating them into their economic redevelopment plans. Some municipalities are collaborating with investors and developers to integrate environmental remediation into their revitalization plans.

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