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The Best Made-to-Measure Clothing for Women: Workwear & Beyond

The work aspect of life is something no one can escape. Going to work daily demands not only a lot of time and energy but also creativity. We need to be presentable, and bespoke tailoring can help with that.

Most importantly, we need a closet of clothing items that provide comfort and look classy. For example, we can choose from customised women’s formal wear and other women’s custom clothing using online tailoring services.

Here is a list of the best made-to-measure/women’s custom clothing items to make it easier to pick from.

A Pair of Formal Cigarette Pants

Cigarette pants are not heavy towards the bottom, and anyone wearing a pair of cigarette pants looks smart and fashionable at the same time. Online tailoring services like Cloudtailor provide customised women’s formal wear. You can get pants that fit you perfectly using online tailoring services.

You can also add designs with bespoke tailoring like a mid-cut on the hem to make it appear stylish and flaunt the shoes or embellish crystal beads along its pocket lines. These are simple designs for women’s custom clothing, but they can upgrade the whole look.

A Fitting Blazer

Online tailoring services can rescue us from the problems of feeling like a misfit in a world full of standard measurements for women’s bodies with women’s custom clothing. A fitting blazer adds grandeur to one’s outfit, and who can do it better than bespoke tailoring.

A blazer that is neither too loose nor too tight is comfortable to wear and very admirable in a work environment. You can refer to fusion designs and perhaps add chic prints around the cuffs and the blazer’s collar. Bespoke tailoring and custom tailoring methods can customise the best fitting blazer you will ever need for a workplace.

A Pencil Skirt

A pencil skirt sprinkles the magic of elegance in an outfit for an everyday look at work. Women’s custom clothing services are available as offline and online tailoring services. Women’s custom clothing is easy to acquire and yields fabulous results for your wardrobe.

You can customise the length and outline of the skirt that you desire using bespoke tailoring. A simple belt design around the waist would add curves to the look. A belt would also allow resizing- it is convenient as the size of the waist varies depending on whether one has had food or the positions like sitting or standing.

A Basic Dress

Get yourself a comfortable, formal dress that is basic and chic through women’s custom clothing services. Customised women’s formal wear has a lot to offer. Wearing the liberty of designing your customised women’s formal wear gives confidence.

For instance, a shirt collar dress with an A-line cut and bishop sleeves would look stunning. Cloudtailor, a women’s custom clothing service, helps you mix and match women’s custom clothing designs according to your liking.

A Formal Shirt

Customised women’s formal wear services can provide women with the right fitting shirt. A modest shirt with a subtle design or a pastel colour would become necessary for anyone looking to upgrade their workwear closet.

Bespoke tailoring and custom tailoring services will give you a versatile shirt that fits and gets along well with a skirt or a pair of trousers. It can also be worn on top of a slip-on dress beyond the workwear and give you a neat and fashionable outfit.

A Formal Top

You can make a customised formal top of any fabric you are comfortable with. For example, Dolman sleeves with a v- neckline in a solid colour would be a fashion statement. All you need is a little assistance from custom-tailoring.

Customised women’s formal wear in this day and age is a relevant solution for all working women. Online tailoring services can design your formal top to look perfect for both work and otherwise. It has the potential to give you a casual look while you wear it with a pair of ripped jeans and loafers.

A Pair of Skinny Jeans

You might not see denim as the ideal fabric that gets along with customised women’s formal wear. However, the way you wear it makes a lot of difference. Skinny jeans that fit your hips, your waist and your thighs simultaneously might be a piece of pleasant news to all the women out there.

The right fit alone is enough of a reason to opt for bespoke tailoring and custom tailoring over the mass-produced jeans. Black skinny jeans will last you a lifetime and give you enough ideas to work with. If you become bored with the plainness, you can customise it further with custom-tailoring.

For example, you can add embroidery around its pockets or have a bold colour rundown its sides. You can also customise fashionable workwear, which you can wear to the cinema, the shopping mall, or a lunch date with custom-tailoring.

A White Kurti

A white Kurti falls perfectly under customised women’s formal wear. Cotton being the preferred fabric, one can comfortably wear a Kurti with a pair of jeans or a palazzo. Embroider the patterns you desire with custom-tailoring.

A white Kurti with raglan puff sleeves will steal the show. Among women’s custom clothing, Kurti occupies the most prominent part. It is the most versatile item worth custom tailoring to give you a comfortable and stylish outfit for work or otherwise Read More

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