The Versatile Uses of Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioning

Custom AC Solutions with Ductless Mini-Split AC

Do you have window-mounted AC units and perhaps issues with your HOA about them? Is your home a classic one that really doesn’t lend itself to AC ducts, but you’d like to have both heating and cooling in the Toledo area? How do you keep your home office comfortable: do you run your whole-house AC to cool it? These are situations where a ductless mini-split AC system could be the perfect fit. eprinomectin vs ivermectin

At Bluflame Service Company, we’re experts with Toledo ductless AC and heating solutions. These practical, efficient units serve up to four spaces, typically, with minimal installation requirements and thermostat controls in each room. The main unit is much like traditional central air: a box outside your home containing a compressor-based heat pump system. From the outside unit, lines run to each room served, and the cool air is distributed through a head unit that’s unobtrusive, mounted in the wall, on the floor, or in a drop ceiling. It’s pretty simple and solves many Toledo heating and air conditioning puzzles.

When it’s Time for a Heating and Cooling Change in Your Toledo Home

When your home’s air conditioning system is getting older and needs replacing, or you’re investing too much in furnace repair in Toledo, a ductless mini-split system might be an innovative solution. Instead of replacing your existing system, a ductless unit is a great way to switch to heat pump technology with its great efficiency and low repair costs. Perfect for smaller homes, in-law apartments, home offices, even solariums where you need extra AC help on sunny days, we love to use these systems to provide a no-compromise solution to our customers’ HVAC challenges. That’s why we’re the heating and cooling experts in Toledo, serving our community since 1954!

What it Takes to Get a Ductless Mini-Split

Like its big brother, the central air unit, the ductless mini-split unit sits outside with a power connection to your home. It connects directly to the rooms that it serves, without ducts or a central condenser and air handling unit like the one that’s typically attached to your furnace. It’s a simple solution. With targeted heating and cooling from the mini-split heat pump system, you can keep your office cool in summer without chilling your whole house, saving energy and reducing wear on your main system. ivermectin cream penis Cooling just a couple of rooms is also practical, without the hassles of window-mounted or portable AC units. We run the connection through your outside wall, attach a small air distribution unit, and it fits right in with your decor.

Ductless Done Right

Our heating and cooling team at Bluflame understands how ductless mini-split systems work best for each application. For instance, where’s the best location for airflow in your bedroom? What’s right for a nursery, and will it be quiet enough? Can it heat your home effectively? buy stromectol no rx We have the answers, and we’re ready for your call today.

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