Thrive MES: 5 FAQs

What is the issue with manual downtime tracking?

Manual tracking is never recommended because it often generates skewed results. Operators are working quickly to fix a problem – they may not document every element of the actual performance of a machine.

How is downtime tracking related to OEE tracking?

One of the key metrics of OEE tracking is availability. Therefore, if you know what issues are causing downtime across your enterprise, you know what you can do to improve this part of your score as much as possible. menez 2016 ivermectin

Why is real-time data capture important?

Especially when it comes to a manufacturing KPI dashboard, real-time data is needed to allow people to act on insight as quickly as possible. ivermectin 12 mg price in india

What information is needed for the most accurate data capture?

In order to truly understand the situation you’re dealing with, a few key things are needed. In addition to not just the downtime category, you need your operators to denote whether or not downtime was planned or unplanned. ivermectin pour-on ingredients You need all information pertaining to when the event occurred – both when it happened and when it was fixed – and specifically who was running the machine as well.

What are the long-term implications of downtime tracking?

As you collect more data, you can see the precise performance of certain shifts, operators, machines and even jobs. All of this gives you a better chance to spot inefficiencies in your current operations. The more waste you can eliminate, the more effective (and profitable) you become.

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