Ticket Management In Cinema

Allow visitors to browse your site and record movies on any device, including Android and is phones, tablets, PCs, and Macs. You don’t need a cell phone anymore. The online ticketing system has a fully customizable mobile phone front end and offers sample solutions for a wide range of decision-making tools to provide the best possible user experience. The user interface is available in 10 color themes, so you can choose the one that best suits the branding of your website or order a custom theme. You can add numbers whose data are not limited to the list of movies, cinema shows, or concerts. . There are tools for mapping countries or venues, cinemas or exhibitions and for translating recordings in four different ways. Online movie tickets, movie or concert awards, and other awards for your site.

Nutrition management

You can create seats with the number of seats in each theater or theater, types and prices of tickets for adults and children cinema near me regular and VIP seats, and more. Other seating arrangements are available and all bookings are accepted unless the room has multiple seats.

The built-in tool allows you to use PayPal and Authorize.net to make online transactions or to collect credit card information for payment purposes. The administration page allows you to set different tax rates for different groups of people, deposit rates required for registration, cinema and tax rates. Do you want another payment method? You can adjust the deposit rate and tax rate for your card. If set, the total amount and deposit will be calculated automatically when the user resumes payment. All prices and taxes can be easily found on the movie awards page.

The movie recording system has a background system with a simple and easy-to-use interface that allows administrators to easily change media settings, cinema manage books, add movies and events, and assign seats. Scripts are ideal for users with little or no programming knowledge.

Simple online ordering allows customers to book tickets in a few clicks. Administrators can manage books and receptions at the authority. Our ticketing system allows you to edit your sales information, change your inventory, and add bookmarks and materials.

Administrators may change the standard book conditions, such as billing, non-registration, cinema pricing, Thanksgiving Day, or full payment restrictions. The last page of the Museum Preservation Manager allows you to select a field form for a landmark permit.

Create multiple translations of your webpage using the language module to translate or edit all text and messages in the system. Set a default language and allow visitors to choose their preferred language from a simple list on your site. You can add as many languages ​​as you need!

Good selection of places in the place chart

Upload your Sitemap as a JPG image using our online movie map editing page. Then you can make small circles for each available location on the map. People can easily book a place by clicking on it.

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