To compete you have to be physically prepared.

In recent years the importance of player psychology has been promoted a lot. Individualized and personal soccer training creates an environment where the player is constantly and appropriately challenged, encouraging players to take responsibility for their successes and failures within each session. This has a positive effect on preparation for matches and competitive settings, and makes you a more independent and decisive player in team settings.

Since it is played at a very high speed,

the game environment is constantly changing. If you have a large number of skills in your repertoire, you will stand out above the rest. If you look at the great players, they stand out on the pitch because they have so many skills in different areas: dribbling, speed, free kicks to headers, decisive passes and incredible nba중계

Fitness is improved: be better physically

At the bottom is speed, strength and agility. With individual soccer training, you can develop these areas through various conditioning exercises to help you react quickly on the field. Remember that everything happens fast on a soccer field, if you react slowly, before you know it, the game environment has changed again.

Physical fitness is also achieved in an individual session through conditioned exercises. A scenario based on a game is created and a particular physical movement is worked on. For example, let’s say this is the fortress you want to work on. Let’s forget the ball for a moment.

Once the technique of using your shoulder in a ball

 Contest (legal charge) has been mastered, the movement with the ball can be repeated. In each workout, more pressure and resistance can be applied to build your strength. That’s the dynamic. Confidence is built and self-esteem is reinforced: be better through social and psychological development

The simple fact of having your own personal trainer is already something that motivates. Just like a personal gym trainer or business coach, the goal is not just to improve your physical performance, but also your mental performance. And both are equally important. What you think about yourself each day can determine your performance.

A personal soccer coach can shape a player’s mental performance.

Through positive reinforcement, encouragement, and praise, your own internal dialogue will follow his example. The more a coach applies this method, the more likely players are to develop their confidence and be less critical of themselves.

The “football brain” is improved: being better tactically

Your soccer intelligence needs as much work as your physical technique. Individual sessions are a great way to develop your tactical understanding of the game so you can make better decisions on and off the ball. ivexterm 6 mg para que es

The application of skills is essential to encourage good decision making. When you learn a new skill, you have to learn how to apply that skill in a game-based scenario so that your mind becomes more accustomed to when it should and shouldn’t be used. ivermectin orally for deer

Individual sessions capitalize on this understanding through tactical drills that start in a semi-opposed environment and gradually build up to full opposition with a defender (ie the coach) to apply maximum pressure. does ivermectin kill coronavirus

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