Decorative laminates are an essential part of designing a modern-day modular kitchen. These efficient laminate sheets can revamp your kitchen and create a contemporary look by maintaining the functionality of the kitchen. Royale Touche laminates are extremely affordable and resistant to scratches, smudges, grease marks, and other stubborn marks.

Why should you use kitchen laminates?

  • Kitchen laminates are incredibly durable, sturdy, and long-lasting, and they can withstand a lot of pressure.
  • Decorative laminates are an affordable alternative to traditional surfacing choices. Real surfaces like wood, plywood, granite, and marble can cost you a fortune. Laminate sheets can serve a better purpose at half of the cost.
  • Choose a wide range of laminate designs for your kitchen cabinets and countertops. Royale Touche offers numerous kinds of kitchen laminates like matte and gloss ones,high-pressure laminates, and some textured laminates for the kitchen walls.
  • Kitchenlaminates are very easy to maintain. You can clean any spots and marks easily with the help of a soft, damp cloth and any mild dish wash cleaner. Make sure to clean the surfaces regularly to maintain a spotless look.
  • Laminate sheets are manufactured to be resistant to scratches, stubborn marks, and smudges. The oil and grease produced inside a kitchen can not ruin the surface of the laminates, and you can clean them without much effort.

5 Kitchen Laminate Design Trends

  • Wooden Touch – Wooden kitchen laminates can create some unique depth and character inside your kitchen. Wooden laminates can efficiently be used on the walls and countertops of your kitchen. These decorative laminates go with all kinds of backgrounds, and they also look quite expensive because they are very similar to the look and feel of real wood or plywood. You can always opt for engineered wood substrates to provide the closest feeling to real wood. If you have a really large open kitchen, you can always use wooden kitchen laminates to decorate your space.
  • Monotones – Using monotones inside a kitchen is an essential way to make it look spacious. You can use light, subdued shades to make the space look spotless and bright. Monotoned laminates can make create better air circulation and give you the feel of an open, airy kitchen. If you often feel claustrophobic or suffocated in a small kitchen, you should definitely avoid dark multi-tone colours in your kitchen. These laminate sheets make kitchens look bigger than they actually, and you can personalize this newfound space any way you want.
  • Two-tones – These are great for moderately large kitchens as they can accommodate some dark colours without compromising the space. Two-toned laminates are great for adding some zest but maintaining simplicity at the same time. Kitchens are not only meant for cooking. Sometimes when they are considerably spacious, there is a dining space attached to them. The kitchen is also sometimes a hangout zone for friends and family to talk and celebrate their meals together. Adding bright colours to a rather simple-looking kitchen can justify the energy of the space. Make sure you use soft colours to balance the dark tones in the required space. For example, if you are using textured laminates on the wall, make sure the floor and cabinets are muted. You can also mix up various pastel shades while keeping one light colour as your pivot, preferably white.
  • Earthy Tones – Earthy tones replicate the energy of an open outdoor kitchen, and it is a great way to lift up a dull cooking day. Such beautiful natural hues can transform your kitchen into your favourite little paradise. Other than wood, you can also try shades of green and light blue decorative laminates to replicate the feel of plants or the sky. Earthy tones can give your kitchen a distinctive style and personality, and such design reflects a part of your soulful character as well.
  • Keep it white – Can anything ever go wrong with white? An all-white laminate sheet is most suitable for a small kitchen as it is the best way to open up the space and make it look breezy and uncluttered. White laminates are great to flaunt your cutlery, crockery, and other accessories inside the kitchen because such features stand out even more against a white background. If you can juxtapose white cabinets with white marble floors, you will get the most spacious and premium-looking kitchen you can ever dream of. This traditional design marks elegance and authenticity, and nothing can ever go wrong with it. bored of the monotone, you can always mix some shades and create numerous other tones and hues of white. You can also customise the space with different indoor plants, which will pop against a white background and make you feel more grounded in nature Read More

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