TV channels and online streaming of the match for the round of 16 of the Champions League

Manchester United and Athletics de Madrid are looking for their dream of advancing to the quarterfinals. In the theater where everything is possible, both teams will seek access to the next round of the Champions League after drawing 1-1 in the first leg held at the Wanda Metropolitans. ivermectin liquid pour on

This Tuesday the Red Devils arrive with the momentum of having triumphed against a complicated rival in the league such as Tottenham, and with the sweet addition of Christian Ronald’s Hat-Trick , who showed great physical form and became the player with the most goals converted in history, according to FIFA.

For its part, Athletic de Madrid also comes into the match in great shape,

 driving away the ghosts of a possible dismissal of coach Diego Someone: three wins in a row per league after the tie in the first leg against United, they place them fourth in the tournament local, with 51 points, the same as Barcelona who is third.

“For us it’s a very important match. I hope we have a great night. We’re confident, playing well,” striker Antoine Riemann said before the match.

This is the third consecutive edition that the mattresses have faced an English rival in the round of 16, and the third time in a row that they have played the second leg in British territory. In 2020 they took Liverpool out with a great night by Marco Lorene in extra time, and in 2021, their executioner was Chelsea, who beat them 2-0 at Stamford Bridge. The history between the Spanish and English has as its last confrontation one of the round of 16 of the 1991-1992 European Cup Winners’ Cup: the Spanish team thrashed 3-0 in Madrid in the first leg with a sensational Paulo Futre and then advanced to the round with a 1-1 in Manchester. como tomar ivermectina 6 mg coronavirus

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 This study has been interested in the treatment given in the sports section of their news by national television channels that are audience leaders, in order to analyze whether they privileged information related to sporting events whose broadcast rights they own. There is also an interest in knowing the sports disciplines reported on and verifying if there was a difference between the information collected by the public entity channel and that appearing in the news of private channels.

 It has been found that there are clear differences

in the news coverage of sporting events between television networks, depending on who owns the rights to broadcast the event. In the same way, it has been proven that La 1 hosts a greater number of sports disciplines in its news programs and is not limited to reporting on the sporting events that monopolize the audience ratings. Keywords: Emission rights; nba중계 events; informative; Antenna 3; The 1; Telecinco. ABSTRACT This research has been concerned with the treatment given in the sports section of your information leading national uwatchfree TV channels hearing to consider whether to prioritize information dew sporting events whose allowances have. There is also an interest in knowing about that sports are reported and confirm whether there is a difference between public television news and news of 9

towhee private channels. It has been confirmed that there are clear differences in the coverage of sporting events offered by broadcasters, depending on whether the channel has ownership of the allowances of the event. It was also found that La 1 ofree more sports news in their news and is not limited to reporting on sports events that ratings hoard.

Keywords: sports; news events; Antenna 3; The 1; Telecinco. 1.

 Introduction Sports journalism is a broad field of study that allows analysis from different perspectives. ivermectina canina posologia In our case, we will investigate the relationship that can be established between the acquisition of the broadcasting rights of a sporting event and the treatment given to said event in the news of that channel. On the other hand, A comparison will be made that allows contrasting the relevance given to that same event in the televisions that suppose the competition of the medium that owns the emission rights.

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