Types of loans according to the term of maturity

Short term loans. Loans granted for a maximum term of one year.

Medium-term loans. Loans in which the maturity ranges between one year and three years

Long-term loans whose amortization period is greater than three years.\

Types of loans according to the destination or purpose

Personal loans

These loans are used to finance specific needs at a given time. They are generally small amounts that are used to finance unexpected expenses, trips, repairs, weddings, etc.

Consumer loans

Consumer loans are used to finance consumer durables such as cars, furniture, or appliances.

Both personal loans and consumer are usually smaller 직장인대출 with a relatively short repayment term.

Student loans

These types of loans are very popular in the United Kingdom and the United States, although their use is becoming global. These are loans aimed at financing university tuition, postgraduate studies or master’s degrees. The interest rates on student loans are cheaper than those on personal loans.

Mortgage loans

In these loans, an entity leaves money based on a real guarantee, which consists of the mortgage of real estate (housing, parking space, storage room, local, solar, etc). These are medium-long term loans (between 15 and 30 years). what is ivermectin made of We can find different types of mortgage loans depending on the interest rate (fixed, variable or mixed), the type of installment we pay or the type of currency in which the loan is paid (normal or in foreign currency).


Present conditions or situations that involve various degrees of uncertainty and may, through a future event, result in the loss of an asset or the incurrence of a liability, include potential obligations subject to uncertain future events. Contingent events can significantly affect the financial structure of the entity and the lack of disclosure leads to the presentation of financial statements that are not in accordance with the economic reality of the entity. thuc ivermectin 200mg

Brokerage.- Function and commission of the broker.

Broker.- Financial or commercial intermediary.Price paid or requested for the acquisition of goods or services. Price or cost of making a product.

Cost Cashier’s check

Fee paid by the client for the entity to deliver a check from the financial entity and the holder can collect it for himself or for the benefit of a third person.


Cost derived from financing through outside resources. It includes interest and other types of remuneration that must be paid to the lender of the funds. nose mite treatment ivermectin

Consultation printing cost

Rate paid by the client for obtaining printed information on their account through the different channels.

Replacement cost

Rate or monetary amount that is paid when replacing the debit card, after its deterioration, wear due to use or loss of the plastic.

Failed transaction cost

Fee paid by the customer for a transaction that was not carried out for different reasons, for example a check returned due to incompatibility of signatures.

Current account maintenance cost

Fee paid by the client for using the current account service, referring to the preparation and delivery of the account statement.

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