water filter housing

what are commonly used cartridge filters in water filter housing ?

The most commonly used cartridge filters can be classified into the following categories:

Cartridge filters Pp

Pp filter, also known as the pp melt blown cartridge for filtering The filter is fused and intertwined with polypropylene fiber which randomly creates a three-dimensional micron pores in space. The pores’ size are spread in the direction of flow of the filtrate. Likewise, the dimensions of pores are dispersed according to the flow direction of the filter cartridge. It contains fine fibers that are surface-facing as well as coarse fibers and deep filtration to eliminate impurities in different dimensions. The filter is precise with a range of 0.5-100 millimeters and its velocity of 1.5 at or greater than the same pleated filter that is precision. It is equipped with different kinds and styles of joint ends in order to accommodate the needs of different engineering installations.

Cartridge filter with string that is wound

It is constructed from high filtration capacity fibers that are tightly wrapped within the string’s poly-porous central. The string material is composed of polypropylene string, cotton string that is absorbent and acrylic fibre yarn fiberglass. Through adjusting the tightness of the winding along with the densities of the yarn when it is winding it’s possible to create filters with various levels of quality, that can efficiently eliminate suspended solids, particles of impurities, and other contaminants, as well as a variety of filter media that are compatible with a variety of liquids applications.

Filter for Pleated Cartridges

Pleated filter is composed of polypropyleneand hydrophobic PTFE. The membrane is made of polyethersulfone and nylon. and non-woven support materials, the material used to construct cages and end caps is polypropylene which has a small volume. an extensive filtration area and high precision. features. The precision of filtering can vary between 0.1 millimeters to up to sixty centimetres. The seal on the end cap of the filter and the structural connection are thermally joined without the use of adhesives or glues to avoid any chance pollution. The connector for filtering is made up of three types in the world of connectors: 226 adapters, 222 connector and a flat end cap. The connectors undergo thorough and comprehensive testing prior to leaving the factory in order to ensure their stability.

Carbon cartridge filter

Sintered activated Carbon filter can be formed through the mixing of activated carbon material with macro-molecule hot melt pores forming material before pouring it into a specific mold and then being sintered at 200 to 300 high temperature. It is equipped with filtration, adsorption interception and catalysis capabilities that can effectively removal of organic matter, residual chlorine and radioactive compounds in water. It also can affect decolorization and the removal of odor.

Filter for titanium cartridges

Titanium filters are resistant to acid and alkali corrosion resistance, high temperature and high strength, making it simple to guarantee the accuracy of filtration, simple to renew and reuse, etc. Titanium water filters are formed by the sintered titanium at high temperatures, and is not difficult to remove and the temperature of operation can be as high as 500-600 degrees in air, suited to filter corrosive media of all kinds including seawater, hydroxide, and other liquids that require chloride filtration solutions like sodium, copper, iron.

It is a great mechanical material It can be machined with cutting, welding, and so on and has a high compression strength max.Operating Pressure differential of 2MPA. Even at high temperatures and high pressure the filter won’t be stretched. The precision of its filtration is confirmed, the porosity ranges up to 3545%. the distribution of the pores is uniform, and has a huge dirt capacity and the regeneration process is straightforward, and can be reused following regeneration.

Cartridge filter made of stainless steel

Filter made of stainless steel features:

1. Good capacity for filtration, excellent performance when filtration is 2-200um in size.

2. Good resistance to corrosion Resistance to temperature, good wear resistance, and pressure resistance

3. Filter pores of stainless steel homogeneous, precise filtration precision.

4. The high flow rate per square that the filter elements.

5. It can be used for low and high temperature, washable and reuseable and less expensive to work on.

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