Hair Breakage

What Are the Causes of Hair Breakage?

There are many reasons that can result in hair breakage. For example, using the chemical contained products that can damage your hair and lead to hair thinning.

Some other reasons can also hit your hair quality, including stress and diet. Sometimes, you do not need to get medical help as some of the issues can be resolved at home. Experts of Hair transplant in Lahore say that genetics is the reason for permanent hair loss.

Some tips are beneficial for hair health that keep preventing potential hair breakage. Hair breakage is common in every type of hair whether it’s straight or curly.

For temporary hair breakage, you can use some products to restore the health of your hair.

Let’s get into details about the causes of hair breakage.


People want to look elegant and stylish. So, they stay with the trends and go for styling what they find appealing. كم عدد اوراق الكوتشينة But do you know that products like coloring and sprays for styling contain harmful chemicals?

Yes, these products contain harmful chemicals that can easily damage your hair quality. Damaging your hair means that these chemicals result in hair thinning which leads to hair breakage.

You may have no idea but some of the shampoos are also chemical contained which leads to brittle and frizzy hair.

Alkaline shampoo damages the hair and leaves negative effects on hair quality. Using such products creates more friction between hair strands.

Make sure that you choose a shampoo and other hair products with neutral pH as they can improve hair health.

Heating hair tools 

Regular use of hair heating tools means that you are damaging your hair severely. These heating tools lead to a lack of moisture which makes your hair brittle. Make sure that you avoid the regular heat treatments, such as blow-dryers, curling tongs, straighteners, etc.

Not only heat tools but some changes in climate can also cause hair damage, including low humidity and hot weather. Cover your hair while going outside and avoid heat exposure. افضل كازينو اون لاين

No trimming

Split ends are also a reason for hair breakage. When you give your hair a chance to your hair for more growth, it minimizes the risk of hair breakage. You need to get regular haircuts or trimming to get rid of the split end.

Getting regular trimming keeps your hair strong and healthy.

Avoid tight hair styling

Frequent tight hairstyles lead to hair breakage. If you use elastic bands, it means that you are taking a risk of your hair quality. It happens because tight hairstyles stretch hair away from roots and result in a painful condition. عجلة الحظ حقيقية

Braids, buns, and cornrows like tight hairstyles lead to hair loss. It is a temporary hair loss process but no one should take such a risk. Try to go with the loose styles to avoid hair breakage and to relieve the root pain.

Good Nutrition

A healthy diet with essential nutrients means that you are doing a good job for your hair health. Sometimes, nutrient deficiency leads to dry and brittle hair which leads to hair loss.

Some foods are good for hair health, such as eggs and nuts. These diets contain essential biotin which promotes healthy hair growth.

A balanced diet, including protein, iron, zinc, omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamin D can let you maintain hair health.


One of the leading causes of hair loss is stress level. Chronic stress leaves negative effects on your overall health, including your hair. A severe shock can also harm your hair health. Manage your stress or it can affect the growth cycle. Such type of hair loss is a temporary one as your hair can regrow. But if you see continuous hair loss, get medical help.

Thyroid Disorders

Studies reveal that thyroid disorders also affect hair quality. It leads to hair breakage because it causes your hair to dry and dull. Thyroid disorder does not only affect your hair but also leaves negative effects on your skin and nails.

You can diagnose the cause of hair loss if it combines with slow wound healing, nail crumbles, itchy skin, deep lines on the palms, etc.

Experts suggest taking care of your hair as it contributes to your overall appearance. Eating disorders also lead to hair breakage.

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