What Are The Reasons For Controlling The Capacity At Sporting Events?

Capacity control is an essential point in the organization of events, both sporting and of any other type. Thanks to the most innovative technology, through an accreditation or payment the user enters the venue in the fastest and safest way possible and their entry is counted to ensure the legislative limits of capacity.

Capacity control guarantees and increases security at the event because it allows you to know the number of people in the venue instantly, which avoids crowds and ensures regulatory security measures. However, security is not the only reason to benefit from capacity control, but there are more reasons to trust it. ivermectina atrasa menstruação In this post we will tell you 5 reasons why you should control the capacity at 스포츠중계 events.

Reasons to control the capacity at sporting events

Big data

One of the great reasons and also an advantage for having the capacity control in your event is all the information in real time that you obtain. Thanks to capacity control you can see how many people enter your event and how many there are in each specific place.

It offers a complete analysis with all the information of the event, from how long the attendees have been in each area of ​​the event, to the minimum and maximum in the influx of people. ivermectin for ticks

With all the useful information provided by this system, the event organizer can evaluate how to do it in future editions and improve, or not, certain aspects to make the user experience more and more satisfactory.

User experience

Another important reason to use this system is because it improves the experience of the attendees. Mainly, security comes first, and a safe event is the first thing the user looks at: avoiding crowds or uncomfortable situations is a plus to add to the event.

One of the key points of sporting events for a few years has been that the fan feels as comfortable and safe as possible, which is why guaranteeing and improving the user experience is one of the main points when organizing any event; ensuring that the person who attends is comfortable and calm will make them willing to return in future editions and will get them to indirectly advertise your event by telling the positive things and comforts they have experienced within the venue.


Thanks to this technology, you comply with current legislation on capacity control, which establishes that from a certain number of people, depending on the autonomous community, the control and people counting systems must be used to guarantee full security.

In addition, with this new situation of COVID-19 it helps to reduce the risk of contagion, since despite the fact that things are calmer; precautions must be followed to avoid possible outbreaks. Thanks to capacity control you get a much safer event.

Resource Optimization

Another reason to take into account when using capacity control is that all the information you obtain in real time is extremely useful. Thanks to the statistics it provides you, you can make decisions based on real information and not speculation.

In addition, it allows you to save on costs and optimize resources; assessing how much staff to use depends on the hours when there is more influx of attendees and thus avoids loss of money and time by the workers and organizers of the sporting event.


It is very simple and easy to use software for event workers. This technology means that the user only has to show their accreditation, pass or bracelet at the entrance to count it. With both automatic and manual systems, access and control of people will be achieved in a simple way.

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