What Can Eleven Sports Broadcast?

Eleven Sports is a typical sports project and we value this station for its high-quality broadcasts and talented commentators. They brought a lot of fresh blood to the journalism industry and boast excellent experts in several leagues. The transmission rights are very extensive here, so it’s good to have them all in one place. Probably even the company stewards could forget something, trying to list all television rights from memory.

What leagues will we see in Eleven Sports?

  • A league;
  • Bundesliga;
  • The league;
  • Ligue 1;
  • Call us;
  • Championship;
  • League One;
  • League Two;
  • 2. Bundesliga;
  • German Super Cup;
  • FA Cup;
  • Community Shield;
  • EFL Cup;
  • A-League;
  • Spanish Super Cup;

In addition to the most popular leagues in Europe, there is also a place for lower tiers and national cups. An interesting move is also the acquisition of the rights to 스포츠중계 the Australian league. Moving towards an exotic ball will not hurt eleven and it can attract real connoisseurs.

Hulk-TV Sport – broadcasting rights

Hulk-TV’s main weapon is the Champions League. It is thanks to her that so many fans turn on Hulk-TV Sport Premium channels to be able to follow the actions of the best footballers in Europe. The Europa League is also complete, although it is naturally less popular than the Champions League. Hulk-TV also has the right to broadcast matches of the 1st Polish league, which is certainly an added value due to the interest in football in our country. In addition, we can also witness the matches of the Dutch Eredivisie on Hulk-TV’s antennas, as well as more important clashes in the French Cup.

What games will I watch in Hulk-TV Sport?

  • UEFA Champions League;
  • Europa League;
  • Polish league
  • Dutch Eredivisie
  • France Cup

Although Hulk-TV Sport group is currently most associated with broadcasting European cups, it has a few other things to offer. Football fans will surely find something for themselves in the offer of this television.

TVP Sport broadcasts live

Obviously, TVP Sport enjoys the greatest viewership due to access. Telewizja Polska also has a lot of television rights and often tries to broadcast the most popular events. There is no chance for exclusivity here. This particular station cannot focus on one discipline. For this reason, we can regularly watch interesting sports events, but only those that enjoy the greatest interest.

What games will I watch on TVP Sport?

  • Polish national team matches;
  • PKO BP Ekstraklasa – one round match;
  • Women’s Extra League;
  • Polish II league;
  • Champions League – one match in line;
  • Europa League – matches of Polish teams and the final;
  • Italian Cup;
  • Italian Super Cup;
  • Copa del Rey;
  • League of Nations;
  • European Championship;
  • World Cup qualifying;
  • World Cup;

In many cases there is a situation where only one match is broadcast per match day. TVP does not want to appeal to avid fans, but rather to those who like to watch a good game from time to time.

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