What is water filter housing for

What is water filter housing for

If you have just decided to improve the quality of your water, which translates into a better quality of life for you and your loved ones, you should know not only the filter and its characteristics, but also the water filter housing, the complement vital, and necessary for this element to work perfectly.

The housing serves to contain the cartridges that will prevent scale, sediment, or chlorine and has everything necessary for easy installation and handling, as well as to easily place a replacement water filter, once the one in use. has fulfilled its function.

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Water Filter Housing Recommendations

Although there are different sizes, which fit according to the needs of the home, there are a couple of types of water filter housing that is perfectly adapted to the most common demands of everyday life and that eliminate the issue of turbidity of the water. water quickly.

There is the 10”x2.75” casing, it is a model with a fairly adaptable size that can be placed without any problem in places that require a specific filter (for tartar, chlorine, sediment, etc.), for example, it can be installed under the dishwasher or in the bathroom. سباق It has an incredible versatility that allows it to contain various types of filters: yarn, mesh, polypropylene, and pleated paper. In addition, its use is not only home, but also commercial and industrial.

In the same way, there is the 10”x4” water filter housing, without a doubt the best option to purify the water in your entire house, perfect to be placed at the point of entry and give the most to drinking water. The filters that you can use are threaded, which prevent the passage of medium-sized sediments (greater than 20 microns), such as mud or sand; and you can also use polypropylene filters, which are for fine sediments (greater than 5 microns), smaller particles. As in the case of the first casing, this can be used for home, commercial and industrial use. بايرن ميونخ دوري ابطال اوروبا

Advantages of water filter housings

We already mentioned removing cloudiness from water, but you’ll still have soft water that won’t leave long-term mineral residue on your appliances and pipes.

The most important thing is that you are going to take a step forward in the quality of drinking water, and without having to worry about having to change the replacement water filter in a short time, given its great durability; speaking of this aspect, the useful life of the shells is approximately 5 years.

In addition, they can be disassembled without difficulty inserting new cartridges, and they are easy to clean, so maintenance will not cost you any work.

Now you know what it is and the importance of the water filter housing. You can find the aforementioned housings (and many other complementary products ), which can comfortably reach the door of your home.

Always maintain an excellent quality of life with the right products, and take care of your family, yourself, and your economy.

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