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What To Expect at Your Visit with the Urologist

Has your primary care doctor referred you to a urologist? Do you need help with issues involving your kidneys and urinary system? If so, you might be wondering what to expect during your visit to the urologist. A urologist has been specifically trained to handle a wide variety of problems. For example, he or she has been trained to treat issues involving the prostate, kidneys, and ureters. A urologist also has training to deal with issues such as erectile dysfunction. There are several expectations you should have during your visit.

You Should Expect Your Urologist To Take a Thorough History

You have probably already given your history to your primary care doctor, but a urologist has undergone special training to treat issues involving the urinary system. Therefore, he or she may have a slightly different set of questions to ask. If you are unsure of why the doctor is asking a certain question, simply request clarification. A thorough history is important for deciding what to do next.

You Should Expect a Thorough Physical Exam

Next, you should expect a thorough physical exam. A urologist has special training to handle these types of issues, so he or she will know exactly what to look for. You should expect to be kept modest during the physical exam. There are some situations where the urologist will need a more detailed look, but he or she should do everything possible to respect your privacy. Furthermore, the urologist will explain exactly what he or she is seeing during the exam.

You Should Be Given the Opportunity To Ask Questions

You are an active participant in the treatment plan, and the urologist will keep you involved. At the end of the visit, the doctor will let you know exactly what the next steps are. If you have questions about how certain steps work together, you could ask for clarification. Furthermore, if you are nervous about anything in the treatment plan, you should ask to learn more. The urologist is going to work with you, taking a team approach to your medical care. Remember that you always have the final say in what happens next during the treatment process.

You Should Expect Compassion from Bryan Hospital

Finally, during your visit to the urologist, you should expect to be treated with compassion. It is normal to be nervous during a visit to the doctor. You may not know exactly what will happen, and you might be concerned because you don’t know what the treatment options may entail. That is why your doctor is going to treat you with the care and compassion that you deserve. Everyone is different, and you should expect a visit that has been customized to meet your needs. Reach out to a urologist at Bryan Hospital today to make an appointment!

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