What’s the difference between a standard LED display and a transparent LED display?

Due to the continuous development of the market economy in recent years, skyscrapers are located in all parts of the city, the LED light screen has been widely used in the city’s glass walls, decoration architecture and many more areas to enhance the view to improve the landscape or architecture. Many buyers are not familiar with the term interactive floor LED displays. So what are the differences between a bright LED display and a traditional LED display?

A. High transmittance, no effect on the performance of the indoor lighting and other indoor cooling displays

Traditional SMD screens are known to be opaque and affect indoor lighting. The bright LED screen supports the side-by-side lighting display technology it developed itself, and the light bar is invisible to the naked eye in advance. is stromectol safe for chickens ? In this way, the penetration is significantly improved, supports the mechanical patch and has a higher yield.

B. Light weight, convenient without steel structure;

The traditional screen is 30 kg per square meter. When the surface is too large, it is a great challenge to make the steel to keep the main surface or the original building structure. The bright interactive floor LED displays can be installed vertically and independently without glass. ivermectin sigma aldrich When installed on the back of the glass partition, it can be directly connected to the steel structure of the partition. Its very light weight of 16 kg/m2 makes it a low load application for steel structures.

C. The light structure of the site can be adjusted in various shapes

Older screens are limited by the cabinet structure. When consolidating or connecting a cabinet, it is easy to discover weaknesses and flaws, especially in the connection space. Interactive floor LED displayscan be adjusted and perfectly combined with various shapes to produce a natural and beautiful look, with shapes such as pole, column, circle, triangle and more.

D. Requests for external screens, but internal installation, external display

Traditional displays can be integrated indoors, but block sunlight and eye contact. However, bright interactive floor LED displayshave provided a solution for outdoor display applications. It can be taken in and out without any worries for water or UV reasons. The results are very reliable and very stable. can you use horse paste ivermectin on rabbits

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