Where Can I Watch Free Sports Broadcasts Overseas?

These days, you can’t watch the broadcasts of overseas sports players on the portal site and only watch them for a fee, but SPOTV NOW, which has the right to broadcast, does not provide it, but only provides it for a fee. A contract related to broadcasting with Naver also failed. There is a reason for not providing it to the portal site, but he does not mention the reason. So, I can’t see the broadcasts of various overseas players such as Son Heung-min, whom I’ve seen well in the past, on Naver, but I have no choice but to watch the free overseas soccer broadcasts that are provided for free. So, I searched for a place that provides it for free, and there is a site that is well organized, so I introduce it.

Sports broadcast free overseas soccer broadcast domestic paid service

The well-known Coupang Play and Spotify Now offer a paid service, but Coupang Play is very cheap. If you watch the game every day, it is worth paying 2900 won per month. It can be a waste though…

What’s more…? Sporty Now Premium pass including tax is 16,390 won and basic pass is 8,690 won. Premium supports both smart TV and PC mobile, and you can use real-time 스포츠중계 in the highest quality. Of course, Basic is not the highest quality, and it is possible to use VOD such as movies and dramas in high quality, but Smart TV is not supported. Also, PC and mobile connection are not supported at the same time.

What should I pay attention to when using free sports broadcasts overseas?

 Since it is free and overseas, most of the relay sites show ads in a pop-up window or new tab when you click the play button or a link, and suddenly tell them to install an antivirus program that they are infected with a virus, but they are all advertisements and not true. Please do not click or install. Moreover, you need to be more careful when viewing on mobile. If you pay attention to this part and use it, you will not have any inconvenience in watching the free soccer match you want. The picture quality isn’t bad, so I think it’s good enough to watch.

Do you only broadcast overseas soccer?

Most of the overseas free sports broadcasting sites broadcast not only soccer and baseball, but also golf, esports, American football, gymnastics, curling, F1, and general racing games.

It’s also a good way to pass the time by watching other matches when you have plenty of time to start.

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