Where to buy glass cleaners?

Or coarse salt, and this is done mostly in crystals or small glasses and is not entirely recommended because its extreme use can damage and scratch the crystals. However, you can use it for a first cleaning and then wash it with plenty of water; only if you like otherwise, use any of the other alternative options.

Alcohol window cleaning

This element is very good due to its ability to dissolve fats by contact with the hands, it dries quickly and is an excellent glass cleaner, only applying it with a dry and clean cloth so that it does not leave residues or marks on the glass, there are those who you prefer to use soft and absorbent.

If you use any chemical element to clean your windows in spray or aerosol, avoid breathing the particles of the cleaner and the continued use in closed places where the smell is concentrated. Never mix glass cleaning detergents with another cleaning product or chemicals in general because they can cause irritation to your skin, eyes, mouth or other more dangerous allergies… for this, if you can, use protective glasses and a mask for greater safety.

Starch window cleaning

This item is perfect for cleaning mirrors and other stained glass surfaces, you just need to have extra hot water. When you place it on the glass and the mixture is dry, you will finish the cleaning by rubbing the glass with paper or newspaper soaked with vinegar to clean any residue.

If you are looking for a place to buy these wonderful glass cleaning devices, at  Amazon.es  you will find all kinds. From glass cleaning robots, 3-in-1 Vinduespudser easy-to-handle stainless steel window cleaners, telescopic sponge cleaners, electric cleaners, window vacuum cleaners, magnetic cleaners, etc. accessories, there you will be a good time reviewing.

Another option is Carrefour

as  where you can see that they have window cleaners at a very good price, such as telescopic, with rubber sheet, articulated for easy handling, 3 in 1 with microfiber, etc. plus cleaning products. You will also find various glass vacuum cleaner discounts at Elcorteingles.es , it does not have as much variety, but you will also have some results for you to compare and decide.

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