Which baby Crib?

The baby Crib is the accessory, even THE top childcare equipment par excellence. It is more and more trendy, it comes in endless varieties and exists in so many shapes and models that you get a bit lost. But how to choose it, what is a co-sleeper or what is the best Crib on the market? We take stock for you in this dedicated article.

Where to put your baby to sleep for the first few months?

Which baby bed at birth? It may depend on each parent, each taste. It is often advisable to have your baby sleep near you, in your room. On the other hand, you really should not put your newborn to sleep in your bed. To install baby in your room, several solutions are available to you: the co-sleeping Crib, the bassinet, the cot… In short, you can install your little one with you during the first months.

What is a co-sleeping bed?

If you want to sleep close to your baby, it is worth investing in a co-sleeping Crib . This is a small bed that sticks or attaches to the parent’s bed. Thanks to this, your baby is reassured, he feels his parents near him and nocturnal awakenings are easier. If the safety rules are respected, co-sleeping is a great advantage for your newborn and for your quality of sleep, especially if you are breastfeeding your little one. Among the safety rules, we remind you that it is essential to check that the co-sleeping bed is properly installed and properly hung. Room temperature should not exceed 18°C. Baby must be covered properly, with pajamas adapted to his size, and a sleeping bag. He must sleep exclusively on his back and never sleep in your bed.

If you are a smoker, specialists strongly advise against co-sleeping. Even if you don’t smoke in bed or around the house, your body releases nicotine at night, and your baby is passively smoking. This is a very high risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, and should be avoided as much as possible.

To conclude, if you smoke or if you don’t particularly want to invest in a co-sleeping cot, you can install a foldable Crib or a soft bassinet in your bedroom. Make sure the mattress is suitable for your little one’s little body.

How to choose the right crib?

The Crib is very comfortable for a baby. He is comfortable, in a space adapted to his small size . The crib is still a little big for the first few weeks, baby can feel a great void around him, which does not really reassure him. However, some parents do not want to buy a baby crib because it represents too big an investment for such a short time .

In addition to the classic wooden or wicker Crib models , you can find practical Crib models, such as the travel Crib , or the Crib deckchair . To choose your Crib, you have to rely on very specific criteria.

co-sleeper baby Crib

What criteria to choose your baby Crib?

The baby’s Crib must be age-appropriate . It must meet the NF EN 1130 standards , which are the current European standards. The bottom should be flat and rigid . If it has wheels, it is important that they can lock. The legs of the Crib must be sturdy and sufficiently spaced from each other. The spacing of the bars, if your model has any, must be less than 7 cm.

We pay attention to vintage models or the Crib transmitted from generation to generation: these models are generally not up to current safety standards, and are dangerous for babies. In any case, be sure to choose a crib mattress suitable for the size of the latter.

From his first hours of life until he sleeps, baby sleeps several hours a day. It is therefore essential that the baby’s Crib and mattress are of excellent quality and very comfortable. The mattress must be flexible, breathable, and adapted to the weight and size of your baby.

Safety is obviously an essential criterion, which should not be overlooked. To make sure your crib is safe, you need to check its sturdiness, the sturdiness of the bottom, the height of the edges, and the materials used . Make sure that the model chosen is practical, light, easily foldable and transportable . Also, make sure it’s easy to clean .

Finally, the price is an important criterion! A good Crib, depending on its accessories and options (co-sleeper, swing, suspended or other), costs between 100 and 700 € . To reduce this price, you can choose your second-hand Crib, thanks to the Beebs application !

Baby Crib: our favorite

Co-sleeping Crib Chicco Next 2 Me

The Chicco co- sleeping Crib is one of the favorite models of parents. It is transportable , adjusts to 6 heights and can be attached to the parents’ bed . It has one of its mesh sides to keep visual contact with your newborn when the Crib is not in co-sleeping . This Crib has wheels , to move it away little by little from your bed before taking baby to his room. Always be sure to return the baby Crib to its original shape before detaching it from your bed.

This model is very easy to assemble and disassemble , and comes with a carrying bag . As a result, it can act as a travel Crib! The crib mattress provided is 5 cm thick , and it can accommodate baby from birth up to 9 kg . Finally, it is fully removable and washable. Its new price is 280 € . You can find it second-hand on the Beebs app .

Why buy a second-hand baby Crib?

Do you want to find a nice crib attached to bed, or a bassinet support ? Why not choose the occasion? Indeed, it is very interesting financially to favor the second hand. First, very carefully check the hygiene and condition of the crib. If it’s a model you’ve had in the corner of your eye for a long time, check that the standards are still in effect.

Also, make sure that the crib mattress fits your used model perfectly. Finally, you can buy a new fitted crib sheet to ensure excellent comfort for your little one. And then if you do not want to invest in a Crib but still want to offer ideal sleeping comfort to your newborn, you can opt for a baby bed reducer to install in his crib.

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