Why Hiring a Premade Book Cover Online Service is Always Better?

It’s one thing getting an idea for a book cover, but quite another to transform it into an actual cover for a book.
The idea of having a cover design by an independent designer or graphic designer, whether someone you find on the Internet or someone from the local area is a very popular choice for authors who are indie. While we’ve seen some amazing designs, the primary reason for authors to go this method is to reduce costs. But once the design has been chosen, covers need to be measured and sent to print and then the task is usually assigned to the author to handle.

In the end, we have authors coming to us regularly with their files, requesting us to modify them to meet the specifications for covers requested from their printing companies or POD companies. Sometimes, the work involves designing the spine and the back cover. In other words, the author should have the text for the back cover and bio of the author, as well as the ISBN number and the retail price (we offer the bar code for free of cost). The process of designing the spine requires that the author needs to be aware of the width of the spine, which is determined by what the book’s final pages count will be, which they won’t know till the text is set.

It’s not surprising that many authors turn to us for the correct sizing and layout of their design to print the cover! However, this isn’t free, but something they had in mind prior to the initial consultation, that makes their budget-friendly design more expensive.

What costs a cover is publishing an ebook with a design that readers aren’t happy with! Keep in mind that people will judge your book based on its cover.

Furthermore, readers will judge you by your appearance on the cover.

How can you avoid this costly error?

Choose a designer with a specialization in design for covers or whose work is designed to look like it would be on the pages of bestsellers. Check with the designer to confirm that they’ll research the top authors in your genre to ensure that your book will be able to compete. Do your own research. Request different ideas for design using different images, not just variations of the same theme.

Particularly, be wary regarding design contests, in which designers are required to present their ideas in advance (for no cost) in hopes that their work is eventually purchased. Which designer will devote any time to studying book genres or book-selling trends and think about the ideal design for your book or even come up with an original design even though they’re doing it for free? In reality, which designer is willing to learn about the book and its author and make a cover that gives your book the best chance of getting being seen in the crowded market?

Only one of them is getting payed.

If you are interested in the concept of picking from a variety of covers, ask your book designer professional to give you at minimum three distinct ideas for your cover. Perhaps you think that having a variety or even hundreds of design options when you submit your design through an online contest for design is cheaper than getting only three or four designs from an experienced designer.

The first thing you should do is buy the cover you choose during the selection process.

There’s also the cost of making sure the file is correctly size.

There’s also an additional cost that’s not mentioned previously: the expense of a cover design that readers do not like, one that conveys a negative message that is self-published and looks sloppy, isn’t competitive with the top sellers within your genre and also isn’t effective in making people buy your book. A cover that makes you appear awful.

Without the help of professional book designers with a thorough understanding of the book industry, what can, you be sure? Make sure to check the Digiart book cover site, they offer the best premade book covers on the web: https://www.digiartbookcover.com

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