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Why Laravel is suitable for Enterprise Level Web Applications?

For many years, PHP has been the most widely used programming language for developing feature-rich websites and web applications.

Today, you can find a lot of PHP-based frameworks in the market. Some of them are as follows:

  • Laravel
  • CodeIgniter
  • CakePHP
  • Zend
  • Symphonies etc.

However, you will find many such frameworks for developing amazing business websites; Laravel has always been the first since its launch to develop a robust enterprise-level web application.

Here we have prepared a list of reasons why Laravel is such a popular framework among developers!

Why Laravel for Enterprise Web Application?

1. Unrivaled security

Today we live in a digital era where the risk of security threats and vulnerabilities has increased to hell. People tend to prioritize the security of their websites over their development. When it comes to enterprise-level web application development, security is one of the most important aspects.

This is where Laravel, a PHP-based web development platform, comes into play! But why Laravel and not others?

The reasons are as follows:

  • Protection against SQL injection
  • Cookie protection
  • CSRF (Cross-site Request Forgery) protection.
  • Bulk Assignment Vulnerabilities
  • Cross-site scripting protection

So Laravel does not allow any malware activity and cyber attacks on your web application.

2. Development of multilingual applications

One of the biggest advantages of Laravel is the development of multilingual web applications. This amazing feature will allow businesses to expand their business in different regions to cater to the audience that lives there in their language. So if you are running a startup that wants to expand in your country and overseas territories with different languages, then Laravel is the perfect choice for you!

This PHP framework makes it easy to develop multilingual applications that help you expand your business to multiple countries with ease.

3. Open-Source platform and highly active community

Unlike WordPress, Laravel is also an open-source framework with huge potential that allows you to create feature-rich web applications. No boundaries can bind a Laravel Developer to create a next-level application. On the contrary, they have the power to turn any kind of envisioned enterprise web application into reality. Additionally, Laravel has a huge active community of dedicated developers and companies. You can easily and quickly get expert advice from such a community 24/7 if you are stuck at any point in developing your Laravel website.

Ultimately, Laravel’s broad community helps us make the framework ever more powerful and flexible.

4. Blade template

Blade templates are one of Laravel’s identities that make it surpass all other PHP frameworks. This feature provides shortcuts to commonly used PHP functions and thus the entire web development process becomes very easy and flexible. In addition, blade templates allow Laravel developers to create a very lightweight web application without compromising performance. Developers can write lightweight and dynamic code in no time to develop a highly scalable web application.

This is why Laravel is called a development framework.

5. Rapid development

Although Laravel allows you to develop fully customized web applications from scratch, it speeds up the development process thanks to its libraries containing pre-built methods for various functions.

In addition, Laravel is one of the developer-friendly frameworks that make the work of Laravel developers more of a joy. This is why developer efficiency is increased and the web application development process is the fastest.

6. MVC architecture

The Laravel framework follows the Model View Controller (MVC) architecture, which separates the business and presentation logic of a web application. Thanks to the MVC architecture, Laravel offers various other benefits such as high scalability, the fastest performance, security, and much more.

In addition, Laravel also offers better-detailed documentation than other PHP-based frameworks.

7. A set of libraries

Laravel is the most preferred framework in the developer community because it has extensive libraries full of “N” functions and methods. These out-of-the-box methods make it easy for developers to develop feature-rich web applications as per client requirements.

In addition, it also offers built-in templates and tools that can easily streamline the work of Laravel developers.

8. The best project environment

Another good feature that Laravel offers is its best and easiest project environment.

The Laravel framework helps you manage your complex coding structure like no other PHP-based framework on the market.

It allows Laravel developers to work on all types of projects without any problems.

Such a development environment speeds up the Laravel web application development process, and the project can be submitted on time.

Ultimately, the ease of handling and managing projects and coding them also reduces your coding costs to the lowest possible level.

9. Unit Testing

Unit testing is one of the best features of Laravel that developers love.

It allows you to test every single module and component of your web application to make it 100% flawless and error-free.

Moreover, end users can also enjoy flawless, fully functional, and high-performing web applications due to such amazing features of the Laravel framework.

Some of the leading companies using Laravel in their online identities:

  • BBC
  • Ratio
  • 9GAG
  • Pfizer
  • About you
  • Radar inspection
  • CrowdCube etc.

Final remarks

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