Why to clean your tongue with copper tongue scraper?

What is the Copper?

Copper is known for its ability to fight off the bacteria that cause bad breath.

The latest research into copper’s health advantages copper tongue scraper makes a tongue scraper essential for maintaining oral hygiene. Copper has been extensively used to fight bacteria and recent studies confirm the long-standing methods.

Copper mug could be the most suitable metal to use to scrape your tongue since the mouth is full of good and not so good bacteria. Copper is not just thought to be harmful to bad bacteria, but it is also a source of vital enzymes required for healthy microbes living in the mouth to live.

One study showed that antiseptic advantages from copper are so effective that when it was used in hospital rooms as furniture, the bacterial count on all surfaces in the rooms were dramatically diminished. Hospitals are now adding copper furniture into their anti-bacterial programs.

After each use the tongue scraper remains free of bacteria and will not be able to thrive on the copper surfaces.

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A Study in the Science of Tongue Scraping

Tongue scraping is the basic method that involves scraping the tongue prior to or after flossing or brushing. Research has proven that this easy technique

  1. Reduces the amount of harmful oral bacteria which could affect gums, teeth as well as oral hygiene.
  2. Reduces volatile sulfur compounds (VSC) These are by-products from mouth bacteria that cause bad breath.
  3. Improves taste sensation and decreases the amount of tongue coating. (3)
  4. Changes the environment in the mouth to decrease putrefaction and reduce bacterial burden.

Traditionally, as per one of the Ayurvedic tongue scrapers, they should be made from copper, gold, silver, tin or brass. Toxins build up on the back of the tongue which can cause obstructions in breathing and bad breath.

If certain bacteria in the tongue and within the oral cavity breakdown certain oral proteins and mouth, volatile sulphur substances (VSCs) release, which can cause bad breath. Research has confirmed the advantages from tongue scraping, which is a reliable method to lower volatile sulfur compounds. In actual fact tongue scraping has a higher efficiency than tooth brushing for this purpose.

  • Improves the breath, and also improves oral hygiene overall
  • Whitens teeth by reducing the build-up of plaque and decay within your mouth.
  • Aids in detoxifying your body to clear skin
  • Eliminates oral bacteria
  • Improves digestion
  • Heightens tastebud sensitivity
  • Made from pure copper that is 100% pure (Latin Cuprum)

Cleaning the tongue is an Ayurvedic detox technique that is employed to get rid of plaque from the tongue and then detoxify the body. Every day, it can result in better oral health, fresher breath , and healthier skin because contaminants don’t enter your digestive tract.

Made of pure copper water bottle that is 100% pure, unlike plastic and stainless steel products that are available Our tongue cleanser has antimicrobial properties (prevents the development of bacteria).

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