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Why You Need to Talk to a Workers Compensation Lawyer After a Job Injury  

One of the most difficult decisions an employee who is injured on the job makes is to pursue their rights under workers’ compensation laws. Some workers may not want to fight their employer and many do not understand their rights.

But an on-the-job injury can affect your ability to do your job for years to come, or limit your ability to advance in your career. You may be entitled to pain and suffering, or even loss of enjoyment, and other claims that are not covered under state workers’ compensation laws.

Consult with a Toledo workers compensation attorney to understand what you are entitled to under the law and how to protect your interests. Workers’ compensation will only help you only in limited ways, so you want to know if there are other protections you should consider under the law.

What is workers’ compensation?

Each state has a workers’ compensation program, or a state-mandated insurance program that provides employees compensation after they experience a job-related injury or illness. These insurance programs are run by the state and typically require employers to pay into a fund to help cover compensation claims. Because Ohio’s workers’ compensation lawyers are unique to the state, you want to make sure you consult with a Toledo workers comp lawyer who has experience with the state laws.

While workers’ compensation laws can give workers some relief in the form of wages lost to injury or illness, there are aspects of certain claims that are not included in the laws. For example, a state workers’ compensation law does not require a reckless employer to pay for its conduct unless it violates a specific safety rule.

A Toledo personal injury lawyer who may have experience in workers’ compensation cases can help evaluate the facts around a work injury and illness to determine if you are entitled to more than what the state’s workers’ comp laws offer. You may be entitled to compensation from a third party or a safety violation claim, which would not be covered under the workers’ comp laws.

When should I consider hiring a workers compensation lawyer?

It is a good idea to at least consult with a Reputable Toledo workers compensation attorney if any of the following circumstances occur after you have suffered a work-related injury:

  • Your employer claims you were not injured on the job.
  • An insurance provider denies your workers’ compensation benefits.
  • You are not able to access the medical services you need.
  • Your employer is not paying you.
  • Promises of benefits or care made by an insurance adjuster are denied.
  • An insurance company lawyer asks you to take a deposition.
  • You consider filing a lawsuit against a third-party who is responsible for your injury or illness.

Why an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer matters?

There are a number of laws related to workers and injuries they suffer on the job. These state laws, and the court rulings that often interpret them, can be complicated and confusing. The area of workers compensation law itself is complicated, and then other state laws that offer additional relief for injured or ill workers also can play a role in a claim.

It is important to find a Toledo workers’ comp lawyer who can help guide you through this difficult time and offer you the best legal opinion about your rights after an accident. Workers often find themselves focused on recovery after an incident, so it is important to trust an advocate who can evaluate your legal rights to ensure you are compensated fully.

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