Winter Is Here: It’s Time to Buy Rock Salt Ice Melt

Winter is here, and ice and snow are sure to make an appearance soon. Now is the time to think about ice melt and how it could help you stay safe in the coming weeks and months.

Whether you’re trying to clear your driveway of ice and snow or you’re wanting to clear a large parking lot, we have rock salt ice melt options that will help you eliminate hazards on your property.

Why Choose Rock Salt Ice Melt?

Rock salt ice melt has plenty of benefits. نادي ارسنال الانجليزي Depending on the type you purchase, you can opt for forms with heat boosters, urea, anticaking formulas, and other helpful additions. امم اوروبا 2022 At Silverback Supply, we have four ice melt products for you to try.

HotRock Ice Melt

HotRock is 98% pure rock salt and is the most economical for those on a budget. Each bag contains 50 pounds of the highest quality deep mined rock salt, which is sized to make it easy to spread on walkways, driveways, roadways, and parking lots.

As pure rock salt, it is naturally colored and able to melt ice and snow in temperatures as cold as -10°F. This is a great solution for those who need to keep their premises safe from slippery ice and snow while still reducing how much they spend on salt this year.

Nitro Ice Melt

Nitro ice melt has explosive Nano Heat Technology™ that helps melt ice even when temperatures drop to as low as -21°F.

Nitro is unique, because it has built-in anti-corrosion agents with an anti-caking formula, so it spreads evenly. This salt isn’t clumped up in rocks, so it does spread thinly more easily.

Each bag of nitro contains 50 pounds of the stable salt. افضل طريقة للربح في الروليت Beneficially, the ice melt also has a safe blue color indicator, so you know where it is and when it is done working.

Inferno Ice Melt

The last of our three ice melt products is called Inferno. This is the same as Nitro, but it has a few additional benefits. First, it will melt ice and snow in temperatures as low as -22°F, the coldest temperature that any of these ice melts will work in. The mix contains the addition of CMA, which stops ice from reforming after it has melted away.

What’s nice about the Inferno ice melt option is that it contains urea to protect lawns from damage. Urea also helps promote lawns to grow back stronger in the spring.

Each bag of Inferno comes with 50 pounds of salt.

Contact Silverback Supply Today

At Silverback Supply, we sell quality janitorial supplies that help you keep a property safe and clean. Ice melt season is here, so let us help you get the right product for your needs. Contact us today at (419) 350-5598 to place your order or learn more about our products.

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