Your Perfect Yoga Retreat

Yoga is the art of liberation. Studying the concentration of the different layers of the body delves deeper and deeper and deepens the focus of the mind until it finally takes root in the soul and disappears forever. Developed in the Indian culture of the Indian subcontinent, this ancient tradition of breathing, movement and meditation has become a sacred ritual for meditators. Therefore, finding the right yoga practice is as much a part of the practice as taking a specific breath, exhaling from a specific posture, or observing quietly. Adequate recreation should be associated with the right people. Only then can you relax and discover the true depth of your yoga journey.

The destination is the journey.

There are yoga retreat in Pokhara. Available in a variety of shapes, sizes, destinations and complete packages. Some offer 24/7 yoga, strict dietary rules and absolute silence. Others start the day with a series of open postures (or asanas in Sanskrit) and then immerse the participant in the surrounding culture of creative activity and restorative relaxation. The day ends with a final series of breaks. It’s all up to you. This is your habit and it is yours. So, how to find the right retreat?

Close your eyes. Breathe through your nose for a long time. Do not stop and now exhale through your mouth. Sit back and relax. Imagine you are doing yoga. Imagine an installation.

I am on the beach to give you information. I’m not in the Himalayas, and instead of looking back at the fast approaching storm, I wave my hand at Salambayoga (or overhead) no. I am in the tropics. Half-naked (well… totally naked) on the warm sand with the sound of waves crashing against each other. Overhead, palm trees rustle in the wind, providing a refreshing haven in shade. I am away from the office, the phone and expectations. These were far from the heart. I live a comfortable, warm, peaceful and beautiful life.

Your dream settings may be different couldn’t Anyway, this is a yoga practice (repeated by sincere instructors). So this is your yoga retreat.

Take me to your leader

The next most important factor when practicing in a retreat is the person who teaches. Who will walk through the door of the “guesthouse” that the Sufi mystic Gelarudin Rumi spoke of? Whose guidance will you trust? At best, it is safe to say that if teachers are accredited by a professional body, there is no reason to doubt their practice and abilities. However, different people have different teaching styles and yoga systems. Look up names on the Internet, find websites, and attend classes if possible. Get feedback and read student assessments. Where did they retire before? The most important thing is to find an instructor that fits your yoga practice style and system requirements. But how? There can’t be so many yoga traditions…

For example, you want to work for yourself. If you want to physically sweat, strain, strain and resist all over your body such as muscles, joints, ligaments and bones, you are opening the door to a powerful Ashtanga Yoga practice. Or be content with some form of yoga by saying you are looking for a long, relaxing, relaxing break. There are as many possibilities as there are thoughts in your mind.

Your life, your retirement

Once you’ve set your yoga goals and style, you need to find out what’s on offer outside the door of the guesthouse. Check out flyers at your local studio. Find diligent magazines and publications focused on spirituality and personal development. Search online for a resort for a specific location or tradition. Ask your friends. Ask the universe. Ask yourself.

Yoga retreats are sacred offerings to the body, guesthouses and temples. It’s time to stop the everyday nonsense of “make a living” to respect that you are. Develop your mind, body and spirit closer to a state of relaxation and peace. The essence of yoga is learning to accept and love yourself unconditionally and with all your heart.

Do yoga. Be careful with your breathing and take in all your senses into your body. Find the perfect yoga spot to unwind and learn to live life free.

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