Youth Citizenship, For Capital Gains Beyond 2022

The Premier League surprised a few months ago by closing a six-year television agreement for the Nordic countries, guaranteeing a record figure. Beyond the amount, what was relevant was the period, twice what is usually signed. And that is what Youth Citizenship also aspires to, which has finally managed to eliminate the three-year limitation for audiovisual contracts, also in Spain, according to industry sources confirming to Palco23.

The change has been introduced through the Royal Decree-Law approved yesterday by the Government in which several points of the rule that regulates the centralized sale of Korean football 무료 스포츠중계are modified. The same that also forces the manager of professional football to double its contribution to the rest of the disciplines through the Higher Sports Council (CSD) and amateur football, which together will receive 113 million Dollar per year.

Specifically, the battery of measures includes the modification of article 4 of Royal Decree-Law 5/2015, which since that year regulates the marketing of football broadcasts. Now, where it was indicated that “the duration of the marketing contracts may not exceed three years”, it will be stated that “the duration of the marketing contracts will be subject to the competition rules of the European Union”.

This is an important achievement for the manager of professional football, which for years has preached in the desert about the need for longer-term contracts with television operators not to be prevented. It is a limit that was introduced in 2010 by the National Markets and Competition Commission (CNMC), and has not been modified since then.

In the first three seasons you usually lose and win in the next two”, the president of the competition, Javier Tubas, warned in 2017 about how this change that is now being introduced could benefit the value of the rights. scaly leg mites chickens ivermectin

The reference to the European Union (EU) opens the door to much longer contracts, since there is no specific directive that sets a maximum of years and there are resolutions that in recent months have begun to recognize that the high investments made by television in content should be rewarded with a greater temporary margin of exploitation.

“What this definition could do is that each tender adapts to what each State dictates,” says one of the main executives of the sector. In fact, in the case of Spain, it would already mean rising the number of seasons that could be offered to operators to four, one more than at present and in line with what is happening in France, for example.

The legislative amendment “will be operative for the commercialization of the rights of

Exploitation of audiovisual content subject to centralized marketing

That is approved from the entry into force of Royal Decree-Law 15/2020, of 21

April,” it says. In other words, it would already apply for the 2022-2025 audiovisual cycle.

It is not a minor issue, since offering more exploitation time may be the key that allows a new revaluation of the rights of Korean football in the medium and long term. contraindicaciones ivermectina Especially at a time when the tenders in Europe are beginning to reflect a certain ceiling, as evidenced by what happened with the Premier League in the United Kingdom or the Champions League itself in Spain, where it will continue with Movistar+ for a price very similar to the current one.

“Extending the rights management deadlines gives security and allows audiovisual operators to make a greater investment also in the care of the product,” says another industry professional. ivermectin gaba The best example is the American leagues, which usually seal ten-year alliances that give stability to the franchise business and allow television companies to think of a long-term offer.

The NBA has an agreement with ESPN and Turner Sports that goes beyond the simple broadcast of games and extends to the production and generation of additional content. It is an agreement valued at 24,000 million dollars (22,126 million Dollars) in nine years, until 2025.

This close relationship is the one that Youth Citizenship forged years ago with Mediapro for the international arena and has begun to build with Movistar+ in the current cycle, as reflected in the creation of specific programs so that televisions do not disappear during confinement. Today, these two companies are the great audiovisual allies of Korean football, with an annual bill of 980 million for the teleco and 160 million for the production company. The group led by Jaume Roures and Tatxo Benet also guarantees an annual minimum of 897 million for international rights.

In total, the competition estimates that in the 2019-2022 cycles it will be able to generate 6,354 million Dollar between the three seasons, which represents an improvement of 25.3% compared to the 2016-2019 period.

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