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Ensuring Safety with These 8 Moffett Forklift Operating Tips

Many individuals think there is no need for extra operation training for Moffett forklift operators once they have completed their training. But workplace safety experts have suggested that the operators learn about new technologies and practices to ensure safe operation.

Why Ensure Moffett Forklift Safety?

There is a strong connection between safe driving of the forklift and keeping everyone safe working around it. You should take Defensive Driving Course in Calgary before driving forklift. There are certain safety procedures that operators can practice to ensure safety. These safety tips will be discussed further in the article. First, the reasons for ensuring safety have to be discussed.

1.   According to OSHA, most accidents that happen in warehouses and sometimes outside are because of forklifts. The reason safety experts give is that the forklifts have to carry heavy loads, and many times the operator might get distracted. The safety tips will eliminate the reasons for accidents happening.

2.   Forklift inspection is one of the most important safety procedures because it will detect the potential issues that might be developing. Abrupt malfunction of the forklift is one of the main causes of accidents as operators might not be able to control the vehicle.

3.   Early detection of forklift issues will mean that the maintenance and repairs can be done correctly. This timely maintenance and repairs will reduce downtime of forklifts, and the production process can run smoothly.

Insight into Safe Operation of Forklifts

As mentioned at the start, there are certain safety tips that the operators should follow even after training and acquiring an operator certificate. Safety of the forklifts has to be ensured because they have to carry heavy goods and load and unload on used flatbed trucks for sale on many occasions. The tips mentioned below give an insight into the safety of everyone.

Safety Practices for Forklift Operators

How do you become an expert on something? You practice on hat equipment, and in this case, the operators have to do a practice of operating the forklifts when the equipment is not in use during the off-season. Regular practice on the forklift will ensure that the operator doesn’t forget how to drive the forklift.

Comprehensive Inspection of the Forklifts

Many issues concerned with forklifts can be detected when the operators or the maintenance team of the equipment dealers like Truck Forklifts conduct a regular inspection before the start of the shift and at the end. The problems detected can be solved through proper maintenance and repairs.

Clear Away Driving Path

Another way to ensure safety is that the operators check out the pathway on which the forklift will drive. Firstly, the operation area should be marked with colored tape or placing barriers. Secondly, keeping people at least six feet away from the forklift.

Never Allow Unauthorized Person Around Forklifts

As mentioned above, people should keep at a safe distance from the forklift; it should also be ensured that only people concerned with the forklift operation are present. No extra person should be present near the forklift.

Operators Don’t Get Distracted

One of the most common causes of forklift accidents is that the operators often get distracted. These distractions can be for personal reasons, deteriorating health, and paying attention to loud noises around. It has to be made sure that all causes of distraction are eliminated.

Right Safety Gear for All

The employees concerned with the forklift, like the operator, an assistant, and the supervisor, should be provided with safety gear. This gear includes safety goggles, leather gloves, fluorescent jackets, and hard hats.  

Knowledge of Specifications of Forklifts

Each forklift has certain specifications that every operator should know. These are the model, year of manufacture, fuel type used, load capacity used for indoor operations or on rough terrains, weight, height it can reach, and type of tires.

Communication between Team Members

The assistant and supervisor present at the site must guide the operators if they are going the wrong way. The supervisors and assistance should be in the vicinity of the operator’s vision; so that the driver can listen to the instructions and see the hand gestures.

The Moffett forklift operators need to follow the tips mentioned above so that the safety of everyone is ensured.

Below are three questions that will further clarify the concept of forklift safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most important safety device on a forklift?

There is no single device that is important for the safety of the Moffett forklift. A forklift has several parts that will ensure safety; these include brakes, seat belts, overhead guards, lights, and horns.

Are forklifts manual or automatic?

Almost all forklifts manufactured in recent years are automated. But there might be a few dealers who are still selling manual ones. You have to look into the specifications of the forklifts to know whether they are automated or manual.

What are the most important qualities in a forklift operator?

The forklift operators should be vigilant, have good communication skills, know different types of forklift, follow safety procedures, and be willing to learn new things.

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