Rubber floors for playgrounds, safety and maintenance

Rubber floors for playgrounds and safety

Rubber flooring in playgrounds is an effective surface for reducing the risk of serious injury should a child fall from height while playing. Playing outdoors is a natural pastime for most children, so it is imperative that the environment in which they spend so much time is ultimately safe. This means that playground equipment must be thoroughly checked for sharp edges and loose accessories, and the playground must also be equipped with a safety surface to reduce rest should a child fall. It should be clearly marked for which age group the play equipment is recommended and should be separated from the play equipment of older children to prevent accidents. Adult supervision along with a safe rubber floor will ensure your child is safe at all times.

Using wet rubber

Wet casting is a synthetic rubber and is one of the most effective 꽁머니  safety surfaces in schools, public playgrounds and sports arenas. The rubber granule is bonded with polyurethane resin to obtain a seamless surface. Thanks to its shockproof and non-slip properties, it is a child-friendly surface that can be played in most weather conditions and still provides maximum protection. The great thing about wet slope is that it comes in a variety of colors and can be laid directly on existing asphalt as well as turf, but the latter will require some starting foundation. Overall, wet molded rubber flooring is designed to offer the highest performance of safety, durability and cost effectiveness for the playground in question.

Maintenance of rubber floors in playgrounds

It requires very little maintenance to keep your safety surface in perfect condition. You should vacuum regularly and remove surface debris to keep it clean and avoid potential hazards. By cleaning the area occasionally, you can make the most of the surface and keep it looking like new. If there are colorful patterns on the surface, it is even more important to keep it well-groomed. A damaged safety surface can cause falls, so it’s extremely important to repair the area as soon as you notice it. This can be done with a repair kit, or most companies will perform this service for you. Keeping the playground clean, safe and waste-free means kids can have fun again and again. The rubber floor of the playground also offers parents peace of mind that their children are protected.

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